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Just a little while ago i decided to clear the air and directly ask if i annoy or drive people away. And a lot of great friends i have made over the years steeped forward to support me. I feel really blessed to have so many wonderful people as my friends, you guys all make my life better.
All my life i have not been what you would call very ordinary. I know, who is. But i am not a social type of guy until the modern mericle of the internet came along. Now a days I admit i am still paranoid that people wont like me. It seems many of my conversations around this sight in particular just drop off with no explanation and sometimes people wont write me back. I know life gets busy, people forget, I don't mind that, in fact i would love to help you guys if I could. but when 4 or 5 different conversations evaporate within 2 days...sorry i am just being paranoid and i do want to be patient, i guess i just scare easily fearing people don't want to talk to me/hang around me. Even with great friends like the many artists i have met here i sometimes fear them being nice is just a front to politely deflect me...i wonder if other people feel this way in odd social situations?
Heavy Metal part 3


Fire spread all over the destroyed roads, robot guards were thrown aside like toys, Trick and Goblin having to dodge behind one to avoid the flames.

At the center of it all, Solaris stood, unopposed, his pyrotechnic power emanating out like the corona of a sun. Gripping one of the human type robots by the neck as it feebly tried to jab him with a tazer, the melting machine was wrenched in half by the demigod's mighty arms and thrown to the side as he continued marching forward towards the city.  

"If you don’t know who has taken my daughter, then you are of no use to me. I have more important uses of my time."

He was met with a second charge from Centurion, this time hitting him at ground level and grabbing him in a full nelson. "You have some seriously messed up priorities, Solaris. Why don’t you surrender, and I promise we can help you find your little girl!"

Solaris brought both arms down hard enough to momentarily break Centurion's grip, then grabbed his arm, flinging him over and slaming him on the ground. "If I believed she was in any danger, this city and 5 others like it would not even exist anymore. But still, someone has taken her from my protection, and this will not stand!" Immediately following by trying to stomp on Centurion's chest. However, Centurion was too fast, grabbing his boot and blasting him from beneath with a huge force blast, flinging Solaris into the air!

As all this played out, Trick and Goblin quickly ran to the largest chunk of Nyx, who had been blown apart by Solaris's power. She easily reformed, getting her head back into the game, tho Trick was clearly nervous over the situation. "We can't survive against that fire bug! Why did Samm-I mean Miss Smith send me here!?"

Nyx slapped both cheeks, clearing her dizziness, and causing her head to spin 180 degrees before righting itself. "Oh, wow, that jerk packs some real firepower. Come on, boys, you two wouldn’t be here unless Miss Smith had some confidence, she is one of 2 people I know of who talk to the brains of this team that she thinks I don’t know about." Trick and Goblin looked at each other, remembering her earlier quote that no secret was safe from Nyx.

"Well obviously she didn’t send either of you guys here for fire retardance, so go use your own special skills to make a difference."

Just as Nyx finished her impromptu sports movie cliche speech, Solaris was already coming back down, having fashioned himself into a meteor. Centurion projected an angled shield and rocketed up to intercept him, an explosion of red and blue following as both hung in the air suspended on a cloud of latent energy, each slugging it out with blows that could shatter granite with no clear superior...

Nyx raced off, her body streaching to try and reach their level, leaving the remaining robots to desperately try damage control, as Trick and Goblin looked on.

Trick scanned the battlefield, considering just how to use his skills, eyeing all the damaged robot parts, and the severely broken human type. Suddenly, he had a plan. "Goblin, help me gather up these pieces, I think I can make something useful."

Still in the sky, now clearly visible from the city, Centurion struggled to control his power output. He figured he could take down Solaris in one blow, but the power output would demolish far more than just the land around the city suburbs. With each attack carefully gauged, he was determined to wear the raging pyro down without letting him cause any more damage.

Solaris, however, had no such care for the innocent people and their livelihoods, and poured inordinate strength and fire into every assult, pushing Centurion back and meeting him blow for blow. "So many beings that fit your bill, every country wants their own superman ever since Adam Power. I wish I could have fought him, what an epic battle that would be. As it is, you are the world's greatest hero, and you still can't knock me down!"

Just as he spoke, Centurion formed his forcefield into a gigantic fist and smacked Solaris with an overhead swing so hard it released a sonic boom as the demigod was tossed into the ground, leaving a huge crater.

"You were saying?"

Only for a pillar of flame to erupt from the crater, as Solaris stood back up, wiping the blood from his mouth and popping an arm back into place.

"I was saying you are the world's greatest hero, and you cant stop me!"

Nyx shot into the fray, extending spikes from her form, but they were blown away by Solaris flaming aura. She tried to form blades on her arms but again she couldn’t get close enough. "Aw, this really sucks. You wouldn’t be so touchy if you weren't gamebrakingly overpowered!"

Solaris barely paid her any mind as he walked through the shadow girl's assault. "You obviously don’t learn. You can't touch me. Even Centurion can't beat me. If it weren't for the artifact buried under the city, I would feel like I was wasting my time here."

From above, Centurion prepared to press the attack, but got a better idea. Slamming down right infront of Solaris, he hit him with a huge force blast, throwing the demigod back several yards, untill he managed to regain his footing and push back against the unrelenting force, but with him distracted, Centurion quietly gave his plan to Nyx, who dashed off into the city.

"Oh what is this? Going to fight me alone so your subordinates don’t get hurt? Honorable of you, Centurion, though it won't make any difference. You are free to run if you value your life. I sure won't call you a coward."

Centurion responded by increasing his power output to the force blast, pushing Solaris back with greater force, and taking a moment to comlink to Trick and Goblin (Nyx lacks a com due to her amorphous body) "I sure hope you guys have something clever planned. If I turn up my output anymore, this entire countryside and the residential area are going to resemble a gravel pit."

Trick was quick to respond "We got you covered boss, just keep him busy a few more minutes!"

Goblin, with great speed, managed to scurry all about the damaged road, collecting pieces of the damaged and destroyed robots, as Trick called the few remaining guards together, tapping on his wrist mounted super computer. "So what exactly do you have planned here with this scrap metal?"

Trick held up an arm, the computer and its integrated nano-weave glove beginning to glow as holographic connections extended between the glove, the robots, and the damaged human type on the ground. "Well I won't call it simple, but luckily I am pretty good at building machines on the fly. So with a little chop-shop programming thanks to the ever rule-breaking influence of nanomachines... I think I can reconfigure these parts into a whole new machine...Of course, I did program this nanobot control matrix myself with no beta tester. But the important thing is we will know if it works."

Goblin just scratched his head at the cheerful scientist. "I think those things are still city property."

As the glowing cloud of nanomachines began to expand from the glove, enveloping the human type and the robots, the parts levitating into the air as they began to snap together, wires reconnecting, armor straightening, synthetic skin being reformed and smoothed...

"By George, I think we've got something!"

Goblin just cocked his head in confusion "I see that, but...who's George?"

Solaris fought every step of the way, his shirt having a huge hole burned in it from friction alone as he reached Centurion's position. Centurion responded with another super strong haymaker, tossing Solaris to the side, but again the demigod got to his feet, setting his broken nose and spitting out some burning blood. "I've taken worse hits than that. Either up your game, or get out of my way."

Centurion responded by projecting a forcefield and slaming it into Solaris, locking them once more in a struggle of strength. "You're just trying to bug me...and it's working!" Solaris responded, punching the force wall, shattering it and pushing Centurion back, leaving both once more at a standstill.

Seconds later, Solaris was hit by a lightning quick dropkick. Centurion responded just barely in time, swating him with a forcefield as he was thrown into range. Solaris leaped to his feet, enraged, and seeing Centurion had been joined armored gynoid. Trick's modifications and improvements having heavily augmented the original human type frame, adding angular armor that encapsulated its form, and a more refined female appearance, complete with long hair.

Solaris stood in confusion "Ok...just what the hell is that!?"

Trick hovered into view, following his creation. "A little something I cooked up on the fly. I reinforced her so she should be more than enough to kick your flaming ass."

Solaris looked very unamused. "I am as strong as your greatest champion and I can melt steel by being near it... and you just made that crack while on the same continent as me? Are you sure you're supposed to be the smart one?"

Trick quickly retreated, as the gynoid sprung into action, moving just as fast as Centurion, she grabbed the much taller Solaris around the waist and flew into a suplex. Solaris was only momentarily stunned with surprise, before reversing the maniver, smacking the robot girl into the ground as he righted himself, but she was too fast and returned to her stance by making a flip kick from flat on the ground, impossible for a normal human, catching Solaris head with the attack and sending him stumbling back a few paces.

Not to be outdone, Centurion, having taken a few moments to recharge, charged the force field over both arms with blue force energy before rocketing into the fray. Catching Solaris just slightly offguard with a jarring punch so hard it kicked up an explosion of pressure all around them. Solaris snarled and returned with his own punch, but left himself open for a flying triple kick from the gynoid, catching him in his ribs. This just annoyed the demigod, as he tried to hit both at once with a backhand sweep, catching Centurion's forcefield but missing the speedy Gynoid. Centurion used his other arm to make a second deafening punch to Solaris's gut, finally doing some visible damage as Solaris coughed up some blood.

With the demigod off balance, the gynoid came back down, striking his back just between the shoulders with a lightning fast axe kick. Unsurprisingly, this was not enough to floor Solaris, as he angrily looked back only for a second, before grabbing Centurion's extended arms, swinging the superhero around to try and swat the gynoid...only for Centurion to catch himself in mid air, reversing the swing and pulling Solaris into the air with him as they flew around in a curve, before he brought them down, smacking Solaris hard into the ground.

Both battered and beaten, Centurion and Solaris got to their feet as the dust settled around them, neither willing to give up the fight. Solaris by now looked exasperated. Centurion was about to taunt him, asking if he was ready to give up, but Solaris suddenly roared, releasing a massive torent for flames that knocked Centurion away. Charging at the hero, he left a trail of fire as he grabbed Centurion's leg in mid air, slamming him down into the ground repeatedly.

The gynoid quickly came to Centurion's assistance, peppering Solaris back with kicks, but the angry demigod spun around, knocking her back as he left a wheel of flames, then charging into her, searing some of her armor with 3 swift punches and a knee to the gut. Finally grabbing her by the throat, mirroring what he had done to her original body.

He lifted her off the ground, smiling yet angry. "Lets see what makes you tick!" Before jamming a hand clean through her chest, ripping her power core out the other side, before tossing her body away just like before...

As Solaris turned his attention back to Centurion, he noticed something odd about the robots core. He had torn through many a robot before and he didn’t recognise this part. Looking down to examine the discarded piece of machinery, it was still glowing, and loaded with grenade like canisters...  

Solaris looked up and turned around, seeing Trick standing a ways away. "Hey asshole, its ticking!"

Solaris had time only to look back down at the power core, now surging with energy. "I feel so used, in a way."


Every trick grenade that Trick had brought with him had been loaded into the core, the charge setting them off all at once. Solaris opened his eyes to see his body plastered to a pile of broken trees. Riot foam, rubber cement, something that smelled like insulation padding, as well as a dozen unknown chemicals caked him in a literal wall of the traps, even a delluge of water bombs had been set off, managing to spread around enough water to douse the flaim trail he had left.

Trick and Goblin walked over to the damaged gynoid, Trick  extending another holographic connection to her CPU. "Not to worry, doll, we'll have you up and running again in no time."

Goblin pointed out a property number on her palm "Seriously man, are we allowed to do this?"

Centurion walked up to the incapacitated Solaris. "I meant what I said, Solaris. We'll help find your daughter. I just hope she made better life decisions than you."

Solaris had other plans than a customized superhuman jail cell, wrenching against his restraints, with a burst of strength greater than even Trick had predicted, he tore himself free of the mass of adhesives, even without his flames. He prepared to smash Centurion between his two fists, as the 3 superheroes instantaniously prepared for another drawn out fight...


Solaris was flattened with a single blow, as above them stood Nyx, now havng formed her body into a giant humanoid shape, the artifact clearly held in one of her hands "This what you were looking for, chump? You'll be glad to know it still works!"

The three heroes were dumbfounded by the appearance, but Centurions plan to move the artifact away from the city worked... in a way.

Nyx kneeled down and moved closer to face level with her 3 companions. "Hey guys, I feel like I put on some mass, does all this supernatural power make me look fat?"

Goblin responded very flatly, "Yes."
Angel City 13
For once an episode that isn't late, how nice. Continuing the Heavy Metal story line now that i am formulating a solid story arc for all 3 stories. Really my intention of running 3 story lines at once was to feel more like a real comic publisher with more than one book running at once. Is it doing anything for you guys or just making the story more confusing and hard to follow? Feedback appreciated.

Thanks as always to :iconsilverkazeninja: My bro for editing.

Stay Gold

Just a little while ago i decided to clear the air and directly ask if i annoy or drive people away. And a lot of great friends i have made over the years steeped forward to support me. I feel really blessed to have so many wonderful people as my friends, you guys all make my life better.

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