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I have a great many stories to read thanks to my friends. That however is not what i have any sort of problem with. It seems whenever I try to get some reading done I keep getting distracted. And I thought that only happened when I wanted to write.
Ammity coast part 2

Coast of Japan...roughly 2 hours since the implied epic beatdown that ended off last issue.

The pier was in ruins, the smell of pummeled fish strewn all over, as the menagerie of cultists lay defeated, with Metalhead taking an extra moment to sign an autograph on his fist before punching a cultist in the face with it.

"Woo! Thank you Ammity Coast! Hey Pompom, we just rocked this town inside out!" Pompom finished hitting a cultist with a rather pronounced flourish, before striking a... rather odd but strangely cute pose in victory. "So what do we just leave these guys here on the ground for the police to find? Do you guys over her in Japan put your beaten up supervillains in like... a vending machine or what?"

Metalhead's innocently stupid question was interrupted by a loud grumbling sound, "Give me a break! This is where you were all night? Hanging out with some... goth punk?"

Both heads turned as Pompom recognized the familiar voice seeing standing there... A young woman, a little older than Pompom, and with the same golden hair color.. . A long black (or possibly very dark blue, hard to tell in midnight lighting) skirt covering enough of her legs that her bunched, loose socks over her black school shoes were only just barely visible...above that, a loosely tied red belt around the top of her skirt, leading to her exposed midriff as instead of a top, she wore a sort of sarashi formed into an impromptu tube top. A high collared, black students coat hung loosely from her shoulders, fastened in place with a brass chain, forming into a sort of cape. A scar over one cheek drew attention to her eye, hidden by her long, blond hair that flowed messily astray down her back, but for a single ahoge that went off to the side in front of her eye. And tying her appearance together, a wooden sword she casually carried over her shoulder, her entire appearance being an amalgamation of fashion trends of the Japanese delinquent scene.

"Big sister!" Pompom nearly jumped for joy, rushing over to hug her sister, only to get grabbed in a hair pulling show of very low level bullying, as her sister barked out, "I was worried sick about you! You always got better grades in school, so how can someone with such a big smart brain get hypnotized like a little dummy and get dragged out to this podunk fish stand!?"

Pompom whined at having her hair pulled and hastily apologized "Yankii! It isn't my fault, ouch! I'm sorry! Quit it, that hurts!"

Only for Yanki to shoot back "Good, Maybe now you wont go wandering around creepy fish cult towns anymore and scaring me half to death. What if they turned you into something gross like a sea cucumber!? How do you think that would make me feel!"

Metalhead just stared, not entirely sure what the outcome of being an interruption would result in...

"Uhh...hey there, angry girl? Am I interrupting some precious family time here?"

Yankii let go of her sister's flowing golden hair, and nearly stomped over to Metalhead, from this distance he could see a toothpick she held in her teeth. "And you, who goes around dressing like that? You look like the 90s ate Marty Friedman and threw up on you. Just what the hell are you doing, following around my dummy little sister at night?"

Metalhead stood for a few minutes, processing. "Marty Friedman, really? I kinda take that as a compliment."

Yanki was not amused one bit. "What are you even doing in Japan? Following an innocent girl around like a creeper?"

Metalhead backed up slightly from the fuming young woman, "Uh...wait just a little bit longer there, girl. I came here when my sound power let me sense some of the fish guys' bad vibrations he was using on your sis."

"Oh sheesh, listening to you talk is like a tour of some ancient history of music display. Just shut up and come with us. This fish cult bullshit isn't over until we get these bitch asses processed and call the commander on all this idiocy." Yankii didn’t seem to be one for good moods as she impatiently tapped her foot at the two of them.

Metalhead just looked more confused. "Uh...processing? I mean, I know raw fish is big in Japan but I don’t think you can eat these guys...wait, can you? I don’t know how the legal system works everywhere..."

At this both Yankii and Pompom facepalmed

Half an hour later, the beaten cultists had been gathered up and locked in a large warehouse cage, as Yanki and Pompom attempted to contact their teammates...finding it to be no avail. The phone lines and internet to the small coastal town were cut, like the cult had been trying to pull them back in time to a simpler and more easily manipulated time. It almost certainly had to be the work of the cult's subtle manipulations that nobody seemed to notice the town had become a small self contained bubble, and nobody from the small number that passed through ever reported anything.

Considering the recent cult activity along the coast, Pompom shuddered at the thought of how many of Dagoth's followers could be hiding out in small dark towns nearly off the map just like this one. Realizing how isolated they were, she felt more than a bit afraid, taking a moment to gaze into the dark wilderness surrounding the town, the train tracks silent and dead until many hours later. They were effectively all alone in this hostile place...

Her feargazing was interrupted by Yankii's expected level of tact on the subject. "Are you really afraid just cos we are stuck in some isolated cult town? I thought you liked playing Fatal Frame and games like that."

Pompom shivered a bit, hugging herself both due to the cold and the frightening prospect. "A-actually it was Siren... last game I played like this... And you like shooters, does that mean you would be ok in a war zone?"

Before their conversation could continue, Metalhead cut in. "Hey, girls, you tried a cell phone? My universal commlink doesn’t seem to be making the connection here. Guess this town has a jammer."

Both girls quickly checked their communicators, as well as Pompom carrying a spare cell phone...none worked.  Yankii angrily threw her comm link down, only for the extremely robust device to harmlessly bounce off the pavement and smack her in the nose.

"Okay, so we got no chance to track through those woods or the country roads that are probably filled with creepy horror movie stuff, and this town has a dark secret and is probably full of cult action. Eh, nothing I haven't seen before in college."

Both sisters gave Metalhead an odd look for the odd comment. Yankii however, was unimpressed. "I got here just fine through the woods, I can get out the same way."

Pompom, however, seemed far more concerned. "It's too dangerous, even if you got through once that doesn’t mean we should risk trying a second time. We will just have to wait till the train comes so we can get out of here and call the commander."

Metalhead cut in. "Seems like a pretty cut and dry problem...mainly. But we don’t know what kinda hoodoo garbage these guys might have sprinkled on this town or beyond. Guess we're still strangers in a strange land, cuz we don’t know if something is gonna blindside us."

Yankii replied rather dismissively, "Oh please, this isn't an episode of Scooby-Doo."...only for the sound of something rattling against metal bars to spook Pompom, causing her to jump with fright and get caught by a very unamused Yankii.

Creature had stirred enough to get to his feet, and was rattling his claws against the thick steel bars. "The thick-headed one is right to be concerned. Our brothers and sisters control this land. Dagoth has already sent one of his acolytes to free us and remove you. You should have just surrendered your will to us when you had the chance, Pompom. Perhaps if you beg, we will still turn you into a mermaid..."

He was cut off as Yankii stormed over to the cage, fearlessly grabbing the piranha man by the... throat, I guess it still was? Well, the front of his now squat and fish-like neck... lifting him as the less powerful cultists that had awakened backed away in awe and fear.

"Alright, BITCH! Listen good. You or your little bitch ass friends EVER try anything funny on my baby sister again, and I will smash your fish dick in a tuna canner! Got it, bitch!?"

The cowed fish man whimpered back "Y-yes ma'am." Before Yankii tossed him against the other side of the cage, leaving a trail of aquatic mucus as he slid down to the floor. "Ow... my dorsal fin..."

Metalhead just scratched the back of his head. "Fish dick? I'm no marine biologist, but I think that's, like... anatomically inaccurate."

An hour passed, the town was empty, even disregarding the hints of dwellers earlier, they had vanished like a horror movie convenience...or had all been more cultists and fled into the sea. The heroes remained, unable to contact others, unable to transport their captured enemies, effectively surrounded by the unknown...and worst of all, Metalhead was still talking.

"So dang man, you two are twins. I love twins. Is that part of your powers? Like I saw in this comic book once twins that each had half of a power set and when one died he inherited his brother's powers...I mean not that I hope that would happen or anything. Dang, you two already are part of Japan's superhero team and everything, You're gonna go far kids."

Pompom, while still frightened and a bit agitated, politely listened to the metal star's endless jargon. Yankii on the other hand very undoubtedly shot a long cold glare that in all but voice told him to shut up. Metalhead completely did not notice.

Metalhead moved up to where Pompom was sitting and put a hand on her shoulder. "Hey, you still worried? No need to fret, we're like a team here. Those cultists can't be dumb enough to..."

His obvious segue was interrupted by the sound of metal clanging on metal, this time coming from the opposite side of the cages. Everyone turned to see a woman in a green jumpsuit slowly approaching, a katana extended from one hand knocking against the metal bars as she walked by.

Metalhead was (obviously) the first to speak up. "Hey, pretty woman, don’t suppose you are with these clown fish? If so, just keep on walkin', I'm not really up for another fight tonight."

She spoke almost cutting him off, "Do you ever shut up?"

The cultists all flocked to the far end of the cage, looking at the newcomer. Murmurs among them became cheers as she approached, "At last you have arrived, Dagoth's angel!"

She calmly looked to the side where the cultists were huddled. "Greetings, brothers. Do you wish to be freed...or should I punish the interlopers first?"

Creature, now with arms crossed and looking far more confident replied "Oh, I think we are safer in here. You are more powerful than all of us combined, and I couldn’t say no to front row seats to the nonbelievers' execution. See if you can spare one of the girls and I promise to turn her into a little sister for you."

The green woman gave a eerily gentle smile, reaching to her back and removing a large shield fastened to it...the shield resembling a turtle shell, as she approached slowly in a blade and shield fighting stance. Now closer and in the light, more details became evident...most notably a large flower like crown that rested atop her hair.

Yankii flicked her sword from its holster, letting it spin around her neck before landing in her hand. "Give me a break. What is this bitch up to?"

Pompom extended her Baton to its staff form. "Did he call her Dagoth's angel? Just what is she?"

Metalhead took up his ax in a melee position. "Um...Well, a turtle shell. Maybe an Island girl?"

Both sisters facepalmed briefly before getting back into fighting stance.

The green woman's faint smile shown through. As she suddenly did a front flip, shooting through the air at incredible speed and bringing her sword to bear. Yankii easily blocked with her Boken, but the green woman tossed her shield, letting it ricochet three times off the buildings and cages around them, barely missing Metalhead, as it struck Yankii in the back. Yankii staggered from the hit, allowing the green woman to toss her aside, landing where Yankii stood a moment ago. She stomped on the rim of her shield, flipping it into the air where she caught it easily.

Before she could move, a Baton came down hard from her left, but was blocked by the edge of her blade. Pompom dropped and made a sweep kick, but she easily jumped over it. At the very same moment, Metalhead, slower than the lithe Pompom, made a swing of his own with the dull, club like side of his ax, meeting her shield in mid air. The green woman landed, bringing her shield around, swatting Metalhead square in the jaw...and both of them recoiling from the reverberating thud of the two hard objects knocking together. In that moment, Pompom made a strike right at her gut...but the woman was too quick to recover, dodging to the side and landing near where she tossed the momentarily stunned Yankii.

Not fond of being caught off guard, Yankii, having picked herself up, readied her bokken, the wooden sword suddenly glowing alight with energy, as she made a rapid slice at the green woman, missing by inches as she dodged. She quickly followed by rapidly slashing again and again, missing every time as the green woman just barely evaded with incredible balance and skill. "Are you supposed to be one of those mermaids he was talking about?"

The green woman merely dodged and flourished out of the way, now out of the range of both groups, she landed easily atop a nearby produce cart, snagging a cucumber as she landed, sitting with her legs leisurely crossed and taking a bite of the veggie.

Metalhead chimed in, "Dang, I thought turtles were supposed to be slow. Well, Pompom, you're as fast as she is...and Yankii, you have the sword skills to match...hey, you guys are twins, can you combine your power or something?" This time Yankii and Pompom did a faceplant.


In the cage, the cultists gathered around Creature, quietly plotting while the heroes faced the green woman. "Alright brothers, they are distracted. Keep your voices down, I think the stupid one can sense our vocal vibrations with his sound power... Now, we can take them while their interest is divided, so get ready to rush them as soon as the fighting picks up again..."

Metalhead, without bothering to discuss a plan, re-opened the battle, hoisting his ax around and with a mighty swing sending a blade of sound whirling through the air, directly at the green woman. Predictably, she dodged, making a front flip over the sound blade, leaving it to slice the remaining cucumber in mid air. She landed right in front of the produce cart and dashed right at the heroes, her shield arm meeting Metalhead's ax dead on where he stood.

Displeased, not that that was very hard to accomplish, Yankii spit her toothpick and joined Metalhead's attack, making a slash with her bokkan. At the same time that her sister, in perfect synchronization, made a leaping drop kick, using her extending baton to pole-vault at the green woman, the pair hitting her high and low...

The green woman blocked the blade with her own, retreating her shield arm fast enough to let Metalhead stumble from the strength of his swing. She suddenly retreated with a backflip, kicking Yankii back and dodging Pompom by inches, leaving the heroes' offensive a disorganized mess as she easily regained her footing. "Is this what I was summoned for? I am insulted."

At that very moment, with the trio of heroes off balance, Creature easily ripped through the bars, having bided their time until the proper moment for an escape, and to avoid facing the three heroes head on and receiving another beating. The cultists quickly rushed out, crowding into the heroes with a roar. Creature wielding two of the bars as weapons as he struck at Metalhead, catching his Ax in a blade lock.

The green woman, still crouching at the other side of the street, shrieked at her subordinates, finally breaking her calm demeanor "Brothers, what are you doing!? Don’t interfere with my honorable duel to the death!" But the cultists paid their sister no mind, by now swarming over the weakened heroes like a flood.

In the midst of the brawl, Pompom and Yanki fought back to back, Pompom's twirling baton and Yankii's bokken swatting the cultists away like flies.

"I guess a little civility is too much to ask from a bunch of fish weirdos. But we can take them together."

Yankii replied, almost barely cracking a slight smile. "We've been through worse than a bunch of bitch ass fish faces."

As the two sisters easily repulsed the poorly structured offensive, one of the cultists they knocked to the floor dug through his robes, seeking out a hidden weapon that Creature had instructed for him to keep secure until he was at this range...too close to miss.

Springing up with all his strength, right between the two sisters, the cultist pulled up the tiny, concealable snub nosed revolver, flicking his arm out so fast his wrist nearly cracked from the weight. In a split second, the gun was right at Yankiis temple. She had been so far into a swing she barely even noticed. Even as her wide swing caught the cultist in the side, he pulled the trigger...


Pompoms cheereful demeanor shattered in an instant as she whirled around, screaming in concern to her sister "Jocasta!"

The battlefield froze, the cultist having been tossed to the side, even as he reveled in his victory. "Unf! First blood is mine!" As he landed hard on his back.

Yankii...stood perfectly still. The cultists all around having stopped fighting as they watched. First in elation...then confusion...and finally horror, as just what had transpired came into focus. The bullet had left the small gun, too close to miss indeed, but stopped, centimeters away from the girls temple. Still spinning hot in mid air but restrained by...a hand?

A luminescent hand that seemed to emerge from a ghostly nowhere held the projectile in mid air, as slowly, Yankiis head turned to look at the armed cultist who had taken the shot. The cultist looked first to the ghostly arm, then to his gun, slowly piecing two and two together.

"Twins...your sister creates light, and shape it?"

Yankii didn’t answer with words. Instead, an entire luminescent, ghostly body in the vague shape of a human upper torso launched forth, seemingly fired from her very aura of existence, like a luminescent missile, catching the downed cultist in a sweeping uppercut, tossing him onto a nearby roof, and crushing the gun in its palm as if it were made of playdough.

The remaining cultists still standing slowly backed away, huddling as Yankii's full power was unleashed in all its fury. She turned back to them, not even giving a vocal order, as again the specter appeared, swinging with inhuman speed as it beat the stuffing out of the group of enemies in seconds flat.

Her anger abated, Yankii fell to one knee as the spirit faded, the effort of generating it having exhausted her powers. She had no time to recover, as she was near instantly glomped by her little sister, shedding tears of joy that Yankii was alright. With a faint smile, Yankii just gently tapped Pompom on the head "You dummy, I'm fine."

A few feet away, as all that Drama unfolded, the two heavy hitters of both sides duled, Metalhead and Creature. Creatures damaged arm having already regenerated, the piranha man was too smart to hit Metalheads strongest point a second time, and this time kept his distance, matching the heavy swings of the guitar warrior with the two steel bars.

Seeing even the smallest opening as the gunshot distracted Metalhead, Creature let loose a sonar blast, hitting the guitar warrior and throwing him back into a wall. The piranha man immediately followed up with a charge, intending to impale Metalhead with both steel bars. "I guess this is payback for earlier!"

Metalhead picked himself up, using his Ax as support. As Creature charged, he quickly swung the weaponized instrument into position, but this time he didn’t block. Holding the ax up as a guitar ahead of him, he struck the strings in a power chord, letting loose an explosive blast of music. The intense sonic blast shredded the steel bars to powder, blowing them clean out of Creatures hands. At least that was the first thing he noticed, before the literal sonic boom tossed him back thrice as hard as his sonar blast had hit Metalhead. Even with his augmented body, the piranha man flew through the air like a water balloon. Clearing the cages entirely, he landed with a smack, hard in the water.

"Nah dood, we're still 2 to 0."

Metalhead rushed over to the sisters, confirming that they were okay. With the cultists dealt with once more, this time far more harshly, the three once more turned their attention to the green woman, who had conspicuously not moved at all since the cultists made their move. The sisters look of confusion said it all of what they thought...but Metalhead still felt necessary to voice the obvious. ", like, why didn’t you attack us with your friends?"

The green woman responded, in an almost insulted tone. "I have my own code of honor. I have no interest in aiding my brothers if they are going to invade my honorable duel to the death with you three."

"Uh... wow, that is kinda...noble in a sorta twisted way, I like do you have an honor limit on how many you can fight at once? You were pretty tough, and I got some friends I could call..." At this point Yankii was too tired to faceplant anymore.

Pompom stepped forward. "My friend, Metalhead, it is important that we catch the leader. You must go after Creature before he escapes in the ocean...I will stay here and finish this duel alone, Yankii is in no shape to continue."

Yankii struggled to her feet. "Don’t count me out, dummy, I still have enough energy to..." She fainted on her feet, landing face first from exhaustion before anyone could even catch her.

Metalhead gave a reluctant look, but upon hearing the violent splashing of Creature returning to the surface, quickly the guitar warrior rushed off towards the warf, leaving the cheerleader girl to face the green woman.

"Very well, brave interloper. I apologize for my brothers' dishonor. I assure you there will be no further interruptions to this duel. I will not even use your helpless sister against you, you have my word." The green woman said as she bowed, causing some water to pour from the flower crown she wore.

Pompom, now in a much more serious mood, gave a weak smile, assuming her best fighting stance. "May I ask your name first, miss?"

The green woman smiled her eerily serene smile. "I am Kappa..."

To be continued!
Angel City Issue 11
O boy after taking way too long to make, but really that is par for the corse with me. But whoever is reading this obviously stuck around long enough so you must like my work. Thanks to everyone who does.

special thanks as normal to :iconsilverkazeninja: for editing work.

stay gold


EDIT: for a fun bit of audience participation, see how many of Metalheads references to music history and culture you can pick out.
Are they fairies, dream demons? Something else entirely? Nobody knows. Jesters just are what they are and nobody can quite get a handle on that, not that it helps adventurers who encounter one much. They are as unpredictable and chaotic as their garish clothing and can be entertaining to talk to, but frightfully dangerous if you approach one wrong.

Jesters are said to come in both male and female. This can be difficult to tell as their actions and usual slim girlish figure make differentiation hard. If one looks androgynous it is best not to even question and just go with the flow. Usually females will be slightly easier to define if you find one with a generous chest and caboose. Just be sure not to stare too long as they give their playful and acrobatic dance, they may take things the wrong way and challenge you to a game.

Jesters are social creatures, but not often with their own kind. Instead they will wander into civilized settlements and play their merry pranks, sometimes they are just another citizen with a slight wacky streak, sometimes they will use their mysterious powers for good...but the vast majority of the time things get

Using their mysterious powers, Jesters are able to pull off a number of odd tricks. Usually these can involve variations of slight of hand or mental trickery. With these mental powers focused on more than just a simple trick however, a Jester can easily hypnotize other thinking beings that they focus on. This results in their slight of hand through skilled use of illusions and sensory manipulation. Usually when focused on a female, they can utilize her as a pawn or more commonly a lovely assistant.

When a Male is focused on by a Jesters attention, something even stranger may happen. Jesters will rarely offer to share their vast mental powers with a humanoid sentient creature, granting them the Jesters card, which will then transform into a marking on the skin. these "marked" are granted a portion of the Jesters power but at a price. With each use the mark slowly transforms them, robbing them of their manhood and eventually transforming them into a female that the jester will be free to recruit as a hypnotized assistant. It is said that the very best assistants are eventually offered a mask of their own and transformed into a Jester sister themselves.

This is not to say that the mysterious and odd Jesters are all bad. While they operate on an alien moral code, they rarely ever do anything out of malice and seem to find nothing wrong in their actions. Some of the more mild Jesters are quite sociable and have even joined adventuring parties, offering their special brand of bizarre entertainment and their powerful mental abilities to the heroes aid. On the rarest of occasions told only in story books of questionable account, male humanoids have even courted a Jester, usually a jester maiden that accompanied their adventuring party. Needless to say their relationship was...never boring. Above all however Jesters are strange and unpredictable and should be treated with caution.

Jesters appear to be almost humanoid but are constantly clad in colorful jester outfits that cover their entire bodies, showing no skin aside from sometimes their hair style. All jesters wear a distinctive mask that has a default expression showcasing their usual personality, although often these masks change expression to fit the jesters current mood. Nobody knows what a Jester looks like under their colorful clothing and mask. Some have assumed that merely seeing a jesters true face will drive you mad. Some have made assumptions that the colors of a jesters suit have to do with their family ties, but nobody knows for sure.

When made to fight Jesters utilize their mental powers and acrobatic tricks in a weaponize form, sometimes having odd and offbeat weapons like thrown playing cards. 
I have a great many stories to read thanks to my friends. That however is not what i have any sort of problem with. It seems whenever I try to get some reading done I keep getting distracted. And I thought that only happened when I wanted to write.

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