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Heavy Metal issue 4

After putting away the rampaging demigod, Solaris, our heroes of the International Bureau of World Security, better known world wide as the most expansive of all superhero teams, Aegis, deserve some much needed rest. But trouble doesn’t take a holiday...

The scenic marble costs of the Grecian isles, home to one of the world's oldest and most decorated cultures, a place bustling with tourism, fine foods and picturesque vistas....and where there is anything worth stealing, crime will churn up from society's cracks.


The Bureau high speed transport that had just dropped a team of heroes off lifted back into the air before rocketing away. On the outskirts of a scenic city, a fresh trio of heroes sent by Aegis in response to a much belated distress call.

Chimera was wide eyed with wonder at the new assortment of sights before her, the island girls life with Aegis had been one amazement after another as she learned much about the world. Beside her, Mimic stood, silently as ever, his stylized hazmat suit obscuring any expression to be seen. In back of the 2 superhumans, Johnny Augastino, the Bureaus director and chief quietly cut a cigar from a case kept in his suit pocket.

At entering the city terminal, the three were greeted in an atrium by a man in power armor styled after a hoplite. "Glad your organization was able to respond so fast. Welcome to Greece, I wish we could receive you three on happier terms." His accent thick and with a slight slur, his partially opened face-plate showing a short but thick beard marking him rather distinguished.

"Not often something of this magnitude happens, but...well, the three warriors of Greece Project Fury were stolen...just gone, vanished with no abnormalities to our security checkpoints. No energy readings either, as our scanners aren't advanced enough yet to track mystical energy, so it must have been a magic user. I trust you already reviewed the dossiers of the missing three that I sent you. That information was classified and I wasn’t even supposed to share it, but their safety means a lot more to me than rules."

Immediately, Chimera bounded out in front of the guide "Aw, no worries mate, my sniffer 'eer 'il be able ta track down where yer Fury girls all wandered off to."

The guide looked puzzled for a moment at her cartoonishly thick accent, but cheerfully patted her on the shoulder. "That is exactly why I called you here. Command can't know about this, but I fear with how well our economic rebuilding has been going, this may be the first strike of someone trying to destabilize the global economy. Greece makes the perfect testing ground, with us being stable but small enough nobody would notice quickly. That’s why I did something both the culprit and internal affairs wouldn’t expect, and I called for outside help."

As they passed through the atrium, Mimic stopped momentarily to look at a small grove of apple trees. Johnny looking back and gruffly telling him to come on. Mimic begrudgingly following and swiping a pitcher of apple juice to carry, extending a straw from his emergency induction port.

"What has kept Greece afloat all these years, and indeed allowed us to thrive despite facing much adversity, has been our abundance of Mythos. The poor fellows have met limited success outside the Mediterranean, due to competing with evolving technology, but here at home they are a cultural treasure that gives our nation character and a superhuman work force."

Johnny cut in. "You only have them 'cos of the Argo, so how have they been around so long ever since ya time-traveling ship got wrecked, thank ya very much by the way, it's 'cos-a that hunk a' wood that I even got dragged to this crummy decade, Perse."

Their guide, Perse, looked with a rather dull tone at Johnny. "Yes, detective, you have made it aggravatingly clear to us that the Argo being wrecked back in WW2, before I was even born, is the reason you and the other time-displaced beings have been dragged to the future by the time crash. I apologize for not stopping something that happened before I existed." Animari giggling at their tired banter.

Walking along the row of white marble buildings, Animari was blown away by the country's beautiful coast, she considered this must be where the bulk of their tourism came from, her powerful nose finding the exotic foods and spices all around her. Her stomach began to growl as she looked over to Mimic and his huge pint of apple cider. "Oy. don’t get in yer head any thoughts of sharin', I s'pose?"

Mimic looked down at her...before silently going back to drinking as they walked, offhandedly making a slicing motion with one hand, causing a flash of green light, and an apple to fall from a tree, right into Animari's hand, before lines appeared on the apple, slicing it to segments right as it landed.

"Ohh, thank ye!"

Passing through the edges of the city, and seeing a number of Mythos at work, ranging from mighty Minotaur working industrial jobs, to a friendly Centaur waiting tables alongside human co-workers. Lamia using their serpentine bodies to scale trees and pick their fruit or prune their branches, alongside nymphs carefully tending the many botanical gardens and orchards.

At the gates of a government building, a pair of Cerberites sat at attention, like guard dogs.

"We're going round the back of the local government center. The higher-ups will be miffed if they notice I went above authority...again."

As Perse lead them through the tree strewn path behind the pristine white building, they passed a small, well-worn, dirt-pathed training yard, where several other hopalites were training with power weapons and armor. A few stopped to salute Perse as the group walked by.

"My troops, the best we have to offer. Got them on maneuvers over here today, in case things go south. Can't be too careful, with one of our best fighting forces gone without a trace."

Animari stopped to look at the burly men training. She was inspired by their physique, noticing that all of them were human aside from the coach, a centaur. Johnny had to walk back and drag her by the ear, electing a canine like whimper from the animal girl.

After bypassing several security checkpoints, thanks to Perse's clearance, the group found themselves in a long, deep underground expanse, lined with crumbling statues, light pouring in from several cave flaws...and most notably a bisected, wooden ship, dry-docked right in the center, scuttled beyond repair, and with a single, long rotted timber impaled through the chest of a skeleton laying in the captain's chair.

Johnny took off his hat for a moment, not looking away from the boat for a second. "The ship that could sail through time... It's 'cos a' this little cheat device Greece tried ta change the world wit' that I'm stuck here outta my own timeline. What a crock we gotta see this eyesore."

Perse looked back and dryly retorted. "Many attempts have been made to restore the Argo, but it seems almost stuck in time, permanently unable to be moved from its final resting place. Et to is how the time crash occurred, the destruction of the Argo changed something in history, ripped the various time travelers like our friend Johnny here, and cast them to an exact point in the then-future, which is the past for us now... sigh, time travel is such a pain to describe."

Animari squatted down on all fours, sniffing the air. "Oy, I think I smell wot girls you lost eer. I'm getting four distinct scents, none a' 'em are at all fresh."

Immediately, Johnny put his hat back on and got to work doing what he did best, detective business. Crouching down a bit ahead of where Animari was, he carefully handled a handful of dry earth. "Not the right kinda sand for this far down. Someone brought this here."

Mimic just looked to Perse, making a sort of crackling noise but saying nothing as usual.

Perse put a hand to his beard in a contemplative gesture. "Would be making a few conclusive leaps to tie this together with the magic user. Better check the crime data base. See if you can find anything more incriminating." As he spoke, the eyes of his helmet lit up as he quickly scanned through the international comprehensive data base.

Johnny carefully studied the walls, following any and all signs of battle that might have been missed. "No energy readings? I see signs a' ice. If this weren't a blaster...What's the  database say on known magic disturbances?"

The lights of the micro-screens faded. "Sadly nothing, we still know too little about magic-capable villains. We're blind, I'm afraid."

Only for Animari to spring up "Oh no we ain't, I got a fresh scent, it's right in 'eer wit' us!"

No sooner had she spoken, as beams of light formed together, creating a glowing pyramid around the heroes, blocking off the exit.

Johnny tapped his Cigar against one of the light walls, speaking sarcastically "Eh, think this might be a clue, chief."

Perse face-palmed "Sigh, we have an entire world database and we still fall for this crap."

Animari cocked her head like a confused dog. "Oy, did 'e just say the word 'sigh' out loud?"

"Aww, that entire database and not one little ounce of recognition on moi? For shame. I made sure not to cover my tracks that heavily. You world police types should find it an honor to even gaze upon the ground that I, the great and immortally beautiful Cleopatra, walk on."

Johnny just put out his cigar in his open palm. "Oh joy, incomin' primadona right here."

Out of some convenient shadows, stepped a woman with deep copper skin, jet black hair in a royal cut, and large amounts of jewelry and white silk...but not much else covering her body. "I was bothering to formulate a plan to put these warriors to use, but you had to go and make things so easy for me, just bringing yourselves right down into my clutches, where no one can hear you scream. I guess it is true that fortune favors the beautiful."

Johnny however was not taking any of her crap. "Ya? Well ya dumb broad, how do ya know you didn’t just walk inta our trap? Ya went through all the trouble ta steal Project Fury, and now we got ya ta reveal yourself what, a few weeks after at most? Not much of a plan, bimbo."

Cleopatra looked very frank and not amused. "Kill them...kill them now."

Three magic pillars erupted within the pyramid cage, bringing to bear 3 demi-humanoid forms.

"Since your modern patriarchal culture is so fond of combat, let me introduce my new handmaidens in a way you will understand. In this corner, formerly a beautiful Nymph until a cruel trick by a god led to her cursed appearance, now bearing the tail of a lamia, the eyes of a gorgon, the scales of a dragon, and a nest of vipers for hair...Medusa!"

As she spoke, the still quite beautiful snake woman appeared, slithering in a circle to show off.

"Over on this side, once the mightiest woman warrior of her age, cursed into the mightiest of beasts after losing a race for her hand and heart. The very Nemian lion, Atlanta!"

The winged sphinx, still prone to moving on all fours, brought the claws on her hands to bear and let out a lionish roar.

"and last but not least, a mortal so beautiful the gods became jealous and transformed her into a demon of the sea. The one who invented a rock and a hard place, Scylla!"

The water dweller moved slowly and deliberately on land. Her entire lower section a swirling storm of powerful tentacles, her hands crackled with electricity, even as she was the slowest to move or prepare.

"As you can see, despite their good hearts, these three have more than ample reason to hate the dead gods your society was shaped by, and plenty of anger at the men who tormented them throughout their lives. Your government certainly didn’t help your cause, keeping them hidden like living nuclear missiles just in case you needed another trump card up your sleeve. Well I simply swirled my magic around in their cute little heads and brought all that repressed hatred to the surface...Have fun, boys."

Animari shouted "Oy! Can't you see I'm a lady also!"

Cleopatra made a waving off motion. "Little girl, you have a LONG way to go before you can call yourself a lady."

Animari blushed angrily, before in a surge of adrenaline and quickening heartbeat, her cloths began to tear as her muscles expanded, her already wild hair exploding into an untamed mane as claws, teeth, and tail formed, the wild child becoming a tall and powerful lion man with a very displeased expression.

Johnny put away his now dead cigar, slipping on a pair of brass knuckles. "that’s the spirit, Annie. This ain't my first fight, and once we got these girls back ta normal, I bet they'z gona want a chat with you, queenie." As he spoke, both knuckles ignited with electricity like tasers.

Perse steadied himself in a fighting stance, a collapsible shield forming, mounted on one arm, as his helmet fully closed. "You stand in defiance of our nation, you have kidnapped Greek heroines, and frankly you just pissed me off. Consider this your reading of rights, because I have no intentions of going easy on you, Cleopatra."

Mimic stepped forward, in front of the other three, still making a crackling sound...before it exploded into a loud, very inhuman roar, something like a boat horn, strong enough that Animari and Atlanta had to cover their ears.

Medusa sprang forward, wrapping her tail around Perse, but with almost practiced speed, his armor activated an electric shield, propelling her off as he made a swing at her head with the blunt end of his shield before she could recover.

Atlanta charged at the much smaller Johnny, but was caught mid leap by Chimera, who caught both claws, nearly holding her off the ground. The 2 lions struggled against each other's strength briefly, before Atlanta's wings beat with great strength, pulling Animari off the ground.

Johnny and Mimic were left with the slow but calculating Scylla. Johnny carefully put up his fists, preparing for anything, as the monster girl approached. Despite her lack of speed on land, Scylla still had her reach, as one tentacles lashed out, surging with electricity as it wrapped around Johnny's arm. Receiving a huge shock from the attack, Johnny grabbed the appendage with his other arm, trying to squeeze it to death, only to be tossed to the side by the tentacle's immense strength. Landing flat on his chest, Johnny grabbed a rock from the ground and stabbed it into the tentacles, causing the appendage to retreat as Scylla howled in pain and anger.

Now enraged, Scylla's main body attempted to grab Mimic, her entire being now surging with her surprise, the black suited enigma made no attempt to stop her even greater surprise, her electricity had no effect. Almost completely ignoring her attack, Mimic joined his hands together to bring both fists down right on the cephalo-centaur's head, smacking her boneless body into the ground with great force. Before she could even recover, she found herself lifted by a few of her tentacles, as Mimic spun around for a hammer toss, throwing her clean into one of the pyramid walls with an audible *splat*

Medusa lashed out with her tail, striking so fast it made a whip crack sound. Even with his armors enhanced reaction time, Perse barely managed to block in time, the assault on his shield pushing him back.

Venom dripping from her lips (figuratively and literally) Medusa spoke in a taunting manner. "Phalanx. Your kindness is just a front for the government's attempt to control us. Mistress knows this, and now I do as well. We are just tools to you."

Perse retorted, still having to hide behind his shield from another attack, before springing into a combat roll to avoid her claws. "From where I'm standing, you're a tool to her more than anything. You realize just because we hid you from the world doesn’t mean we didn’t care! I'm not proud of locking you three down, none of us are, but if someone, say a narcissistic Egyptian sorceress with delusions of godhood, were able to take control of you...o wait how does that sound familiar?" Only for him to immediately have to put his shield back up as Medusa whipped, hard enough to dent it this time. "Ah crap, and she was always the kindest of the three."

In the air, her flight path restricted by the pyramid cage's design, Atlanta took every advantage of her situation, repeatedly slamming Animari into the walls. Chimera however did not let up even for a second, grabbing onto the sphinx core body and squeezing with all her might.

Having suffered no severe damage from the blunt attack, Scylla shook the daze from her head as she got back up, only to be caught with an elbow strike by Johnny, who quickly dodged behind her. As her head turned to follow him, she was grappled by Mimic, who lifted her off the ground, standing tall enough to be halfway to a German suplex. Scylla retaliated by wrapping her tentacles around his arms and legs, trying to break them, but Mimic held strong, leaving the two deadlocked. Johnny quickly got back into the fray, punching the now stationary Scylla repeatedly, before having to retreat from her tentacles strikes. "He'll let go when you let go, sweetheart." This only seemed to coldly infuriate her further.

Outside the pyramid, Cleopatra...had conjured a hot tub for herself, brimming over with pink, fragrant soap bubbles as she watched. "The simple pleasures of life, like setting allies against allies to destroy each other. Do a good job girls. If you look good, your mistress looks good."

All three parties deadlocked, even with Johnny and Mimic fighting together, Johnny's combat prowess couldn’t get past Scylla's near immunity to blunt force attacks. Up above, Animari held on for dear life as the Nemian sphinx clawed and smacked her into the walls.

Medusa circled around Phalanx, the defensive warrior still reluctant to fight back. Each strike of her iron talons was repelled, her tail repulsed by electric shielding, but driven on by Cleopatra's spell, she would not give up.

Phalanx carefully followed the snake girl's movements. Like a real snake even when moving slowly, she could strike fast as lightning in an instant. As he prepared to strike at her head, however, he realized too late she had surrounded him for a reason, her tail striking from behind, and throwing the armored warrior into the snake girls clutches. With her inhuman strength, her iron claws dug into the sides of his armor, as a glow began to emanate from beneath her blindfold. A wicked smile crossing her lips.

"Medusa...don't do this."

Paying her former comrade no head, her beautiful face began to crystallize like stone, before shattering as if it were a porcelain mask. Underneath snake like eyes glowed with green essence, fangs dripping with venom framed her powerful jaws, as a snake like, angular visage took its place, the three python sized snake heads that formed her hair rearing back with fangs bared, to accent her frightful, stone gaze...this is what Medusa saw, as with his accelerated reaction time, Perse threw up his well polished shield before his face just as her stone gaze activated. Medusa, in surprise, gazed into her own eyes, feeling the cold overtake her body. In an instant what had been flesh and blood, became a statue of solid, pristine marble, her last act before petrification being to drop the soldier from her grasp.

Perse symbolically whipped his brow, tapping on the statue. "I warned you not to do that."

Up above, Animari was weakening. In a last ditch effort, she grabbed the Sphinx her jaws. Atlanta released a painful, feline howl, as her flight path was thrown off balance, causing her to spiral out of control and crash herself into the wall, sending both lion girls plummeting to the ground with a crash.

Getting up and shaking herself, Animari looked around for the now flightless Sphinx, only for her to jump on her back, grabbing Animari in a headlock. "Guess who I learned this from!" The sphinx pulled back with all her might, turning the grab into a choke hold, as Animari clawed at her arms, her attacks not even able to break the sphinx skin, no blade could. Thinking quickly, Animari began to transform once more, the unstable mass of her shifting throwing off Atlanta's grip, as she transformed into a stoat hybrid, the weasel family's flexibility allowing her to slip from Atlanta's clutches.

Enraged, Atlanta stood at her full height and roared, about to pounce on the now much smaller Chimera...only to get knocked from behind, tumbling end over end, as there stood Phalanx, his arms folded dramatically. With her balance faltering, Atlanta fell right into Animari's fist, as with her burst of adrenaline, the Chimera transformed mid punch into a much larger, and stronger, tiger hybrid, knocking the weakened Sphinx out instantly.

At the same time, Johnny continued his impromptu boxing match against the restrained Scylla. No matter how hard he hit he could not pry the squid girl from Mimic. Her tentacles squeezing harder and harder, one even wrapping around Mimics neck, squeezing hard enough it began to damage his suit.

Finally, Scylla had enough, her two humanoid arms stretching just like her tentacles, they morphed...into wolves heads, biting down on Johnny's shoulder and one leg and lifting the detective into the air and pulling him towards her main body, now surging with electricity. Despite the sudden injury, Johnny didn’t miss a beat, taking his free arm into his coat and grabbing a switchblade he used to cut his cigars, driving it into one of the wolf head's and causing Scylla to screech in pain.

The momentary distraction made all the difference, as feeling her grip loosen, both of Mimics hands glowed with green energy, a pair of plasma blades extending from his fists. Almost too fast to be seen, green streaks flew through the air. For a split second, Scylla was confused as to what just happened...then her arms fell off, followed by her tentacles. The limbless squid girl falling to the ground with yet another splat.

Angrily, with no limbs to support herself, Scylla looked up from the ground. "I am going to give you such a biting! You just wait till they grow back!" Any calm and coolness having faded from her voice.

Johnny took a moment to steady himself...and groan that his expensive suit had been dirtied in the fight. The heroes, now a fair bit wearier from their scuffle, came together at the center of the room, all looking at the reclining sorceress. Mimic, despite his suit's damage, actually moved forward to punch the energy wall, hitting it hard enough that it cracked slightly like glass. Even Cleopatra was taken aback by this show of strength.

Perse spoke up. "Your little cage trick jammed my communications, but you can't hold us for long. Give up now and we will spare you the embarrassment of being hunted down and captured like the bitch you are."

Standing from the bath, with soap bubbles conveniently censoring her figure, Cleopatra looked indignant at the four heroes' defiance. "Well well, your tongue will get you into trouble someday Perseus. I shall do you the favor of removing it before that happens...Rise, my champion of champions, and complete the task your sister slaves failed to do!"

The four heroes looked to each other in confusion, as a fourth portal opened...when the magic light faded, there in front of them stood a woman brimming with muscle, more tall and built than Pepper, and with a more olive bronze skin tone. As seemed to be a theme with powerful women, she wore very little, a red tube top accentuated with bronze colored fabric, and  a warriors skirt, also red, fastened with a belt with a circular clasp, the seal of the Amazon nation upon it, a Olympian diadem adorning her head of long, red hair, and a lions pelt draped over one shoulder like a cape.

"Behold heroes, your doom, my mightiest slave girl. Hercules!"

Johnny held up one arm as if to call a time out. As the others, including Cleopatra looked at him with confusion...he reached into his jacket and pulled out a hip flask. "...Not drunk enough for this." Popping off the top, he began to drink...

For a solid three minutes without taking a breath, as the other heroes, as well as Hercules looked to each other in surprise and awkward silence.

Finally, he screwed the cap back on and put the flask away. "Alright, lets get this over wit'... you ain't the first woman what tried ta kill me and ya won't be the last...not even the last this week."

To be continued!
Angel City issue 15
Some of you who pay really close attention may notice some micro instances of retroactive continuity at play with a few names and organizations. This is cos things change a bit by bit behind the scenes and a few things here mad the story easier to tell. hopefully nobody will mind and even fewer people will notice.

Returning to the great nation of Greece, one of my favorites cos it gave us one of my best friends. :iconyournamehere8888: Who not only helped inspire all this but helped a lot with the story boarding. and of corse I cant go without giving credit to my pall :iconsilverkazeninja: for his help with editing. Along with all my other friends and fans just for being palls. With the first fight scene involving the Furies I am hoping this captures the attention of more internet famous comic creators such as :iconzorro-venom: so i can team up with them and get all their money...i mean make friends...ya lets go with that.

obviously being set in a place as culturally reference overdosed as the Mediterranean, see if you can spot all the references to movies and stuff i shove in. Mainly cos it makes me feel happy when i manage to make someone laugh with this stuff.

stay gold my beautiful fans.

Angel City: Rising Sun

The grey sky weeps, cold bitter tears relentlessly rap the rock and steel figures of the city below. The streets that once ran red with irradiated blood now long paved over, the dead gone but never forgotten, long ago when a thousand by a thousand souls were extinguished by the thunderous tantrum of the Little Boy. In this once cursed place life goes on, as cold and uncaring as the grey sky above, the city grows back from the wreckage. Somewhere in a trash filled blemish on the streets' flesh, its walls overflow with forgotten paraphernalia and advertisements, the serene and predictable pattern of the rain is cut through, as a young woman cries. Her blond locks in a mop of mess and tangle, a stranger to the care that comes with a loving home. She weeps, cold and hungry, wishing for the comforting arm of a mother, a wish that will never come. Lost among the dark and wide streets, with nowhere to come from and nowhere to go. Her one connection in the world embraces her, as an older sister lies through her own cold and hungry state "Its alright, It's going to be okay. Big sis is here."

"Jojo...what are we going to do? It's getting colder. I'm hungry and sleepy, and my dress is soaked."

"I know, just...stay close, we'll keep each other warm. Its going to be okay, I promise, I'll never let anything happen to you..."

She returned the hug, sniffling in the cold, her big sister wiping the mopish golden hair out of her face. Deep inside, Jocasta was even more afraid. Not just for the same reasons. No, she was indeed hungry, sleepy, cold, morose than her sister, every scrap of food, warm clothing, every chance to rest, she first offered to her little sister, her only family, the thing she loved most in the world. She was willing to starve or freeze for her, if it came to that. No, she was more afraid because in addition to all of that, every fiber of her soul worried for her little sister, fearing she would not be able to keep that promise. Every stranger passing by looked like a monster from another world to her, ready to snatch little Miko away. Every shadow that crossed their path might as well have been a dark demon. Their lives seemed to be endless running, moving from whatever pitiful passage for shelter would hold them to another just as bad. Food came rarely from a bystander's burst of guilty charity, a store owner's convenience to looker-ons, never from child services, the two avoided the government like a plague of zombies, fearing they would be separated and sent back to the abusive home they had run from to begin with.

2 girls alone in the world, alone in the rain. When Miko couldn’t see... Jocasta cried as well.

They woke up to the gray, overcast skies, heads pounding from the poor sleep, bodies aching from uncomfortable ground. An act of God that no insects or rats had bitten them through their sleep. Or maybe an act of something much less benevolent. Jocasta looked around. This was not the street they had been on. The metal walls, the grey sky disappearing before them as a lid slid over their new prison. Awareness began creeping back to her senses as she realized the truth. They were in a vehicle, moving slowly. Away... away from where they were. The sisters had been kidnapped.

Miko's eyes opened as she rubbed the tired feeling from them, they burned as she looked around, adjusting to the light. Her sister held the thin aluminum bars of a industrial dog cage. Her fingers chapped and red from struggling to bend them. "jojo?"

Jocasta's face was stained with tears, both pain and fear as she tried futilely to escape, she turned to her sister, quickly trying to fix her face, not wanting little Miko to lose hope "Miko, go back to sleep, it's going to be ok, just..."

The door on the far side of the cage swung open. A man in a Japanese officer's hat stepped in, silver eyes looking down at both of them. In a very old Japanese dialect he spoke, coldly yet with venom, old, guttural venom of a man who had kept himself alive with hatred alone. "My darlings. Which of you wishes to become the first of my new world order..."

Jocasta nearly flung herself back, wrapping her arms defensively around her sister, putting herself between the tall, scary man and her. Without a word she clearly expressed she would not let him take her...on a sadistic impulse, the officer gave a half-smile, and made his decision for no other reason...he grabbed Miko by the arm, pulling her from her sister's grasp easily. Jocasta tried to grab his leg, but faster than her eyes could track, he slapped her aside like she was nothing. Her cheek red and stinging, tears streamed from her eyes, she didn’t care about the pain or the buzzing in her head, she screamed Miko's name, as the young girl was nearly too scared to speak...

Miko was strapped to a metal slab, looking like a scene from a torture movie. Syringes, IV bags, vials of many different chemicals all surrounded her...The doctors, their stonefaced silence hidden by surgical masks paid no mind to her pitiful whimpers. A mask fitted over her mouth and nose. She felt the sting of the needles many seconds before the world slowed and faded, in her last thoughts, she cried out for Jojo...

Jocasta found herself pulled out not long after. She kicked and screamed, her long, lovely hair being pulled as she was dragged to the slab. Between the bustling scientists she could see, though just barely...her sister, pinpricks of blood staining the bandages wrapped around her arms, as the unconscious girl was tossed back in the cage...somewhere, deep within the sweet caring older sister, the sister who loved her little sis more than her own life, who would give anything to protect a branch of the tree of life snapping, her promise... her heart broke. Deep within her soul, the tiniest hints of flames began creeping. The officer could see something about it in her eyes as the gas slowly lulled her into a dreamy trance...he imagined with his cold military logic, she would make a good soldier some day...once she had been properly broken.

The sisters lay together, silently sobbing in the back of the cage. Miko had started to retreat into her memories of the scraps of happier times to avoid the numbing pain the treatments caused. Jocasta held her beloved little sister close, her bangs shadowing over her tearing deep within a fire began burning within them.

In the blink of an eye, 7 years pass

They saw others...other vagrants...other children. They came and went. Not all of them lasted. The resources dwindled, ebbing and flowing like the tides. The scientists didn’t care. They kept strict record, marking off the deceased.

A man with black glasses and a white surgical mask speaks to himself, tapping the pen against his head as he considers his report...

"Subject 27, survivor that she is. Her mind is nearly completely gone. Seems to have retreated into her own subconscious as a result of painful stimulus and the serums alteration properties. Power development proves negligible. Not quite a lost cause, but clearly after years of simple synthetic alterations, more strenuous effects must be taken to break her out of her shell. I recommend direct electrical stimulus to the pain center. It was always one of my favorites..."

"Subject 26. Also a survivor. Something about these sisters has kept their heads above water, which is more than I can say about the other 50. 7 years of serum has taken a toll on her sanity, seems to have developed a hard edge in response to her defensiveness of her sister. Smithers is still getting stitches from her recent bite wound she gave him. I recommend increasing her sedatives and decreasing her rations. Her power's development has been even more negligible however. Clearly, something is holding her back..."

He approaches the cage, a young woman stands where once Jocasta, the little trooper that defended her beloved sister had. Her childhood ripped and torn away from her, raked to bloody strands. The bandages practically caked to her by now from years and years of rigorous testing. Her clothes in tatters, nearly more animal in temperament than human. She looks with anger, a sound and fury at the doctor. Despite the horrible things he has done, he actually feels a twinge of fear as he sees within her eyes, the once youthful flames having grown to a raging inferno.

Behind her, her knees hugged against her generously developing chest. Miko has grown into a developing beauty, but like a paper tiger, she is empty inside. Her glassy eyes a window to her minds retreat, the pain, the fear, the despair all repressed, and nothing left but just to exist, she barely hears her sister at all.

The cage door opens. Jocasta nearly rips the man's arm clean off. Her powers flaring up, but they are to no avail. The lights flicker for a moment before the strain weakens her, and she is roughly thrown against the cage wall. Before she can move, a gas gun fires in her face, and her strength leaves her. Forced to watch.

Miko gives no struggle as she is lifted from under her arms, her feet simply glide over the floor. She has no will to resist anymore as she is placed in the chamber...then suddenly she does. Every fiber, every nerve, crackles with pain, a glimpse of hell as her pain centers are stimulated like needles plunging into the nerves themselves. Her defensive fantasy shatters and burns, and finally after months of repression, she screams. Suddenly she is who she always was, a scared little girl once more, the pain like her soul being torn out, the scientists determined to force her developing powers to the surface. Her body begins to glow as the light is generated subconsciously. A wicked smile of success crosses the scientist's lips, across the room, the officer sees his years of hard work, and thinks it is good.

Against the back of the cage, watching as her sister thrashes and struggles in the electric chamber, Jocasta struggles to move. She feels her emotions surging, her rage building, her power mounting. In spite the sedative, the pain, the exhaustion...she whispers.

"Let her go..."

She coughs

"Let her go!"

She growls

"Let my sister go!"

Completely impossible, the sedative burned from her body like a plague of locusts consumed in fire, she stands, like a girl possessed, driven by her anger, her protective instinct, she screams

"Let her GO!"

The lights flicker before exploding, every glow in the room is pulled towards Jocasta like a black hole, her roar of emotion shakes the very complex as beakers break, machinery falls over, scientists run to and fro trying to prevent a fire from breaking out. Around Jocasta the light forms a body, luminescent and powerful like a phantom, a guardian angel. Driven by her scream of rage, it shoots forward, the cage bars are rended like cheep paper, in a flurry of punches it is upon the officer...

Faster than anyone could react, the officer grabs the scientist closest to him, holding him up like a shield. The light being rains blows with diamond hard fists down upon him, punching like a jackhammer. In seconds as its salvo ends, the scientist is reduced to a bloody pulp...the officer smiles.

"At last, my soldier, you are ready." He tosses the lump of scientist aside, and faster than the light beings movements, the air itself is cut, his hand holds out a katana blade, as the light being is shattered, still moving superhumanly fast, the officer reverses the strike, swatting Jocasta across the face, tossing the girl aside, barely conscious, her burst of will broken...

With the last of its power, now just a disembodied fist, the light being rams into the power source behind the electric chamber. An explosion of sparks, a fire, the power dies down to just emergency lights...

"A beautiful display of fury and power...If you can be taught your place in the world, you will make a fine soldier, nothing will stop this new Empire of the Rising Sun."

"Commander Yamato! The power systems she damaged.... She managed to disrupt the cloaking device!"

The officer turned with a cold and angry look "How long do we have before he notices us!?"

Outside the thick metal walls, an explosion wreaks

"No time sir, we need to leave, now!"

The officer turned back to the cage. "Gather the specimen. Both of these will provide us with promising soldiers."

"The door is jammed, sir! There is no time for the experiments, we need to go, we can restart elsewhere!"

The scientist didn’t even wait for his commander's response, running like a frightened mouse as they heard a steel door far outside torn apart.

The officer watched with contempt, before grabbing the electric chambers door, ripping the front off and pulling Miko from within, casually slinging her over his shoulder. "I have waited too long already for my new army. These two will have to suffice for now."

His assistant's words proved true, there was no time to stall. Seconds later, there was a shout outside, as red lines of heat appeared in a perfectly aranged geometrical set of angles on the wall behind him, before in a blast of energy, the wall disintegrated, leaving a stylized V shape entrance. "Victory Flash!"

Jocastas eyes opened just slightly, control of her body slowly returning to her, she saw light pouring through the huge opening in the wall. His costume was blue and red, striking, bright colors of victory. Standing tall with the light gleaming off the visor of his helmet, his red scarf blowing in some conspicuously nonexistent wind. Everything about him screamed his name. Japan's new guardian, Victoryman.

"Put her down, Yamato. This ends here."

The officer paused...roughly, Miko fell from his shoulder. Slowly he turned...and with speed faster than any human could see, swung with his katana, drawing it so fast the blade shed sparks leaving its sheath...

It was caught by Victoryman without even turning his head. With the back of one fist, he blocked the blade, sparks flying from the point of impact every few seconds as the officers shaking grip ground it against his armor, the two nearly matched in strength.

The officer spat "You could do so much with your power. You could be my heir, but instead you squander your godhood playing this silly game of dress-up with those foreign devils! These girls, this whole facility was made to fulfill my destiny and bring about a new empire!"

Victoryman nearly cut him off. "I don’t want to hear it. Your empire is one of cruelty and evil, and you would build it on the broken backs of child soldiers...your shogunate does not deserve to exist."

The officer leaped back, before making a second charge, swinging vertically, his blade carved through the ground, sending a cut wave through the hallway, the wall behind and the ceiling above, still, Victoryman pushed through it, sparks flying from his armor as he took the hit, not even attempting to dodge. Instead, with both arms, he drew a V in the air, forming the shape from energy. The officers blade met with the V, just as it formed into a powerful laser beam. The force of the blast threw the officer back, carrying him along with it as he screamed in anger.

The back wall, and all the equipment on it exploded as the officer was thrown from the facility, right off a mountainside. The escape helicopter much of his scientists had been using just so happened to be passing in the same direction, and the pilot had only the time for his eyes to go wide as he saw the living projectile hurled towards him before...


The katana flew from the mid air explosion, falling into the deep valley below...the last trace anyone could see of anything alive as the fire turned to smoke and drifted like a cloud...

The V still burning in the air, Victoryman calmly remarked. "Victory Breaker"

She looked up at him, just barely, her eyes just slightly open as time moved in slow motion, the light streaming from behind forming wings in her mind, making him look like an angel. Each time her eyes closed he was consciousness left her once more, she saw him reaching down for her...

Her eyes opened in pale, soothing lights. She was in a hospital, something she had not seen in so long she barely understood.

Shakily, she got out of bed, ripped off the monitor suction cups, and got to the door, barely holding herself up. She threw it open seeing a man standing there. Jocasta nearly fell back in shock. He was tall, his black hair in spikes, a pair of stylish sunglasses. He wore a black shirt with an upturned collar. To Jocastas surprise, he put a hand on her shoulder. The voice of the hero that saved her she recognized.

"Your sister is in the next room...I was worried about the both of you so I have been staying here to keep watch. She is recovering, but her memory seems fragmented. Like she blocked out what happened. I was considering it might do her some good to see you."

Wordlessly, Jocasta nodded, the hero's concern for their lives causing the young woman to blush a little. She rushed over into the ward next to hers, throwing open the doors. Tears came to her eyes.


She threw her arms around her sister, hugging her close. "You...dummy, don’t ever scare me like that again." She playfully chided, crying with joy.

Just at the door, their savior stood. "You both have capabilities beyond human now. I couldn’t ask you to endanger your lives, but I do have an offer for you, something that could put your gifts to use doing something amazing. But first, I have talked with my superiors, we are going to set you two up with a home and some school...

Both girls eyes went wide with wonder at the kind gesture...

The sky still grey, grey as the day they were taken. Despite it all, light shows through the clouds. Adorned in her adorable school uniform, Miko happily skips down the entryway to a well funded, multi-grade school. She stops momentarily to kneel down and greet some younger kids as they play before school hours. The idea of socializing with others is pleasant to the outgoing girl, it is only when she sees a crowd of students her age, she feels a pang of shyness. She watches from afar, seeing different groups socialize. One in particular, the sports alumni, gives her thoughts of some physical education club she could join...

A hand is put on her shoulder as a young man and a few of his friends stand behind her. "Hey there, new girl. Whats a cutie like you doing all alone?"

She turns, blushing as a young man with 2 girls flanking him block her off. "See these angels? There my girlfriends. Wanna join the club? Only the best looking ladies get in, you should consider it an honor."

Miko blushes heavily, she backs away slowly. Fear starting to cloud her eyes...

"Give me a break. What the HELL do you think you're doing, coming onto my baby sister, bitch!?"

The young man turns, giving a smug look, about to tell off the one behind him...only to get socked clean in the face, knocking his school hat off. The hat is caught by Jocasta, she puts it on, before grabbing the delinquent by the jacket, tearing it off and slinging it over her shoulder. "Cross me again, and I'll wreck more than your rich daddy's wardrobe, got it punk!?"

Both girls move to intercept her, but Jocasta smacks one in the gut before tossing her aside, and punches the other in the nose, letting her double over, expecting to be caught by her boyfriend...instead he trys to move out of the way, only for her to fall on top of him, knocking him on his ass.

"Ah! Dammit, you're nothing but a yankii!" He screams at her, as Jocasta takes Miko by the arm and moves along.

"Yankii am I? Sounds about right. I spent my whole life taking shit, I ain't letting anyone have power over me ever again."

Miko smiles gently at her sister's protective instincts. "You should try out for the martial arts club. I was thinking of sports."

Jocasta looks down incredulously at the shorter girl. "With a body like that they'd just put you in pompoms. Stick to academia, you got the better grades at the accelerated learning program, you can do some great stuff with your big smart brain."

Miko just smiles serenely, happy to be with her sister and free.

On a hilltop just out of sight, a lone figure watches, her long, red hair billowing in the morning wind, she speaks with a commanding voice as she watches the girls enter the school. "You failed me, Yamato. Now I must teach these new generation of souls to serve their emperor, personally..."

One story ends as many more begin.
Angel city 14
Thanks to my great friend :iconsilverkazeninja: I got this chapter nice and off the ground, a step back in time to tell the tale of how the Light sisters got their powers. maeby a little early but everything will hopefully come together as planned. As well as the first ever appearance of Japans superman, Victoryman.

stay gold


Well this is gonna bring the mood down. but after seeing an episode by the great, :iconmrenter: I believe the double standard on abuse when it is female on male has to be addressed. Being a long time anime fan this has been an excruciating pet peeve of mine. It is why i dropped Love Hina like a kidney stone, and why my tenure with HBL was cut short by a violent exit. Of coarse Mr Enters video is on sexual abuse but they are really 2 sides of the same coin, and proof that sexism hurts both sexes. Trust me as a victim of a kinda cruddy couple points in my childhood, Abuse is NEVER funny!

I think what is truly angering me on a level deeper than average every day aggravation is that these tropes are so widely accepted by people. If i were to shout this in a crowded room not only would most people not think twice about it, some would argue with me over this crap. The double standard has practically been a part of Japanese humor since...what the 70s if not before. And some people just retort with the ever incorrect answer "that's just the way it is" If anyone retorts to your argument with this line, expect to see them after a zombie apocalypse cos they certainly are not using their brain. Those that dont question the world and how it works, or the traditions of society and weather they are worthy of still being traditions, have likely never grown out of a coddled child mentality...ok this is starting to get accusatory and i will only get more angry as i write. Sorry. I hope this has ignited some deep thinks among the...few people who watch me. Also Mr enter if you see this in your mentions bin, I am a big fan, hope you are doing well!

stay gold.
Well this is gonna bring the mood down. but after seeing an episode by the great, :iconmrenter: I believe the double standard on abuse when it is female on male has to be addressed. Being a long time anime fan this has been an excruciating pet peeve of mine. It is why i dropped Love Hina like a kidney stone, and why my tenure with HBL was cut short by a violent exit. Of coarse Mr Enters video is on sexual abuse but they are really 2 sides of the same coin, and proof that sexism hurts both sexes. Trust me as a victim of a kinda cruddy couple points in my childhood, Abuse is NEVER funny!

I think what is truly angering me on a level deeper than average every day aggravation is that these tropes are so widely accepted by people. If i were to shout this in a crowded room not only would most people not think twice about it, some would argue with me over this crap. The double standard has practically been a part of Japanese humor since...what the 70s if not before. And some people just retort with the ever incorrect answer "that's just the way it is" If anyone retorts to your argument with this line, expect to see them after a zombie apocalypse cos they certainly are not using their brain. Those that dont question the world and how it works, or the traditions of society and weather they are worthy of still being traditions, have likely never grown out of a coddled child mentality...ok this is starting to get accusatory and i will only get more angry as i write. Sorry. I hope this has ignited some deep thinks among the...few people who watch me. Also Mr enter if you see this in your mentions bin, I am a big fan, hope you are doing well!

stay gold.

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