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i was going to make a journal praising all my great artist friends, so i will have to do that later to make it up to them.

meanwhile, as you can no doubt tell from my icon, as many comic and character writers here on DA have, I have a character i see largely as a reflection of myself, my main character or my avatar if you will. Normally it was always Top, the Psyklown, however recently as i spent much time writing my comic, i began associating myself with a very long running character of mine who ironically, was only just put to page officially after having been a figment of my nightmares many years ago. Xevian Von Vader, known a bit more now as the goat masked Trick the Trap Master...

so based on who knows anything about me (not much) which of these masked wierdos really reflects what you think i am?
Ammity cost Penultimate, Side A

"Woo! And he ran, he ran so far away..."

With a mighty heave, Metalhead's axe flew through the air, smacking the blunt end into Creature and knocking the fleeing fish man off his feet.

"...couldn’t get away."

Creature scrambled back to his feet, still too far from the water to escape. "How long do I have to put up with this before he loses focus and goes somewhere to get high?!"

With a single motion, Metalhead called the axe flying back to his hand, prompting Creature to make a double take.

"Holy crap, are you Thor?"

"You know, funny story behind that..." But before Metalhead could make with any further silver age banter, Creature was already back to fleeing. "Run boy run, they're trying to catch you."

The chase shot all over the abandoned town, getting into several antics that would not be out of place in a Tom and Jerry cartoon. Metalhead's hard headed (literally) tenacity managing to keep up with the fish-man's enhanced strength and speed near every step of the least till he stopped to answer a phone call, "Oh, Sherry? Hows France treating you?"

At this, Creature finally called Shenanigans. "Wait a second, we had a jammer! How are you getting a cell signal here?"

Metalhead pointed behind them "Dood, we left city limits a good six minutes ago. I haven't seen anything but beach for, like, a hundred yards."

Creature was dumbfounded by the situation's turn around "Wait, doesn’t that robotic eye of yours have communication technology or something? Why do you even need a cell?"

"Cos with this thing, I get free nights and weekends."

Creature had to consciously restrain himself from doing a face plant.

"Alright, I've had just about enough of your single-minded idiocy. Twice we have made a foothold here in Japan, and twice interlopers like you and Centurion have screwed it all up! Well Dagoth holds a grudge against those who defy his will. Now let me show you my god's wrath!"

On cue, a huge number of fish mutants arose from the nearby ocean, slowly shambling onto the shore to stand with their leader. Metalhead...continued talking on the phone. "So hey doll, I gotta go beat up some freaky fish sex cult. Say hi to your sisters for me."

Creature once again looked dumbfounded. "We...we never said anything about being a sex cult...actually someone make a note of that."

As the fish freaks swarmed around Metalhead, the completely unfazed cyborg...really it was kinda unclear if he grasped what was going on at the moment. Still, they circled, preparing for an attack.

"Back on the streets again, fighting my war. Alright, come at me if you think you can do any better than the last group."

Immediately, a wave of the fish mutants lunged at him, bearing sharp claw and fang, blade like fins and...frankly some weaponized extremities that didn’t make much physiological sense but looked really nasty.

With great speed and even greater strength, the cyborg spun, swatting and slashing through the huge number that came at him. Even with their enhanced strength, the fish mutants were only just evenly matched with Metalhead, layering him with small scratches, but leaving no lasting harm. In a matter of minutes the one-sided battle ended, with the guitar warrior standing atop a pile of beaten enemies.

"Really not helping your case, bro. Now how many more fish-balls do you have to throw at me?"

Creature staggered back in disbelief. "How could a creature so... stupid, be so powerful!?"

Metalhead frowned, "Oh so just cos I deliberately model myself after a musical culture that I have a passion for, that makes me stupid? Dood, I'm an accredited professor of music. I wrote a thesis and everything. I dress this way and talk this way cos I want to, man."

Creature nearly fell over once again. "Alright, that’s it, you have just crossed the annoying line. Now I'm going to show you what true horror is! Thy blood spilled, thy soul forfeit...THY FLESH CONSUMED!"

As he spoke, tendrils sprouted from his flesh, rocketing into the pile of beaten mutants, as their flesh knitted together into one massive blob of eyes and teeth, limbs and heads. Melting together like evil play dough! Atop the amalgamation abomination, Creatures head stood tall and proud. "Sahuagen isn't the only one who can build a tough body. When we all work together, we become more than the sum of our parts!"

Metalhead held up a hand while taking a moment to puke at the display, but Creature didn’t give him the chance, lashing out tentacles that grabbed him by one arm and both legs, lifting him into the air as he was pulled to near his breaking point

"Ah! Let me breathe let me leave!"

Creature smiled wickedly, the carefree hero now apparently helpless in his grasp. "You see hero, this is no joke, you are but a clown who can put up a good fight, but now the joke is on you. After we break you like the cybernetic trash you are, maybe your tormented soul will learn the true meaning of Dagoths superiority after we devour it!"

Metalhead, straining against the tentacles, responded "Only God knows the innocent!"

Creature was amused at his defiance. "After I am finished completely destroying every last part of you for pissing me off so much... I will make sure what remains of your soul watches as we turn your two little friends into proper mermaids. I did make a promise to Kappa after all. They seem so close, Maybe we should just meld their flesh together into one being, they will never be apart, their will broken and serving under Dagoth!"

Immediately, Metalhead's expression soured, no longer showing pain or visible strain against the assailant, just a very deep anger. In half a second, a switch in his actions, all too noticeable to Creature...who noticed the pulling tentacles were no longer making any purchase against the cyborg, in fact he seemed to be pulling back against them...and winning.

A pang of nervousness in his head, Creature just pulled harder, continuing his taunting assault. "Did I strike a nerve there? Band geek? You care about two people you just met? Perhaps the music man has a heart. It would sure make up for your lack of a brain."

Metalhead remained silent. The tentacles still having no effect, as he pulled his arm away, a moment ago it was being wrenched nearly out of its socket, now, he slowly, almost glowing with quiet rage, reached to his back against the tentacles grasp, to grab his axe.

"W-whats wrong, music man? No more song titles to spew at us?" By now Creature knew that he had fucked up.

Angrily, his voice now deeper and more serious, Metalhead responded...

"Fuck you!"

With one mighty pull, Metalhead ripped free his arm from the tentacle, tearing the amalgamation's sickly, rubbery flesh apart, as he grabbed his axe, holding it in front of him as a swarm of tentacles shoot right at him. In a single move, he struck a chord, sending razor like blades of sound shooting forth in a shotgun blast. "Ace of Spades!"

Screw aching in pain, bits of slimy flesh and thick, pungent blood flying everywhere as its many arms were shreaded, Creature was forced to drop the bard. The moment he hit the ground, he slammed his axe into the beach, creating a powerful shockwave, strong enough to push the enormous fleshy mass back like it had been shot by a cannonball. "Megadeath!"

Before Creature could even recover, he saw Metalhead shooting towards him. Too big to dodge now, and too slow to run, Creature desperately fired a sonar blast right at the charging bard's head... it was not only deflected, but curved around him, never even hitting Metalheads body. By now the cyborg was putting off so much resonant energy, the ground shook underneath him, wakes of sand flying behind him as he ran.

Leaping into the air as he swung his axe over his head, a pair of white, ethereal wings appeared behind him as the resonant energy was focused into the weapon, and the cyborg roared

"Flight of Icarus!"


A massive explosion of sound and fury, leaving a crater of solid glass from the impact. Nothing remained from the fish beast blob, only burn marks all around where its body had been obliterated by the surge of resonance.

Metalhead stood at the center of it all, looking down at the remnants of the battle...

"Sucks to be you."

Before he could be left to his brooding mood, his attention was caught from the direction of the town, as a colossal column of light surged into the air, briefly turning night into day its power was so vast.

"Wow! Wait just a little bit longer! I'm coming, you two!" As he leaped out of the crater, resuming his cheerful mood and rushing back into the fray...

At the edge of the crater, a bloodied, webbed hand slowly crawled from just beyond the glass, raking its way towards the water. A mutated eye suddenly opening on the back of its palm, just before the waves carried it away into the vast abyss...
Angel City issue 17
And so we reach the penultimate of the first of my three major story lines, Ammity coast will end with its next installment and move on to the next major story line. Since nobody was exactly married to the 3 story line format i may just start releasing them in order one after another. Thanks for sticking with me this long, i hope to only make things better as time goes on.

A thanks to :iconsilverkazeninja: for editing and such, tho in general thanks to everyone involved.

as usual whenever Metalhead appears, see if you can catch all his song refs.

stay gold.

Name: Shark Man

Alias: The Black Shark, Carcharodon Rex, Ocean Hunter, Monster

Civilian name: Robert Quint

Powers and abilities: Skilled mariner, oceanographer, multi discipline combatant, Marine training

Weapons: Proteus Armor (Superhuman strength and mobility above and below water, electro current generator, Long term survival apparatus, fin blades (arms and back) Pressure burst cannon (arms) high pressure electric field, Sub zero cannon (eyes) Maser (hands) Vortex energy propulsion system (tail) Seeker micro rockets (various weapon tubes) )

Details: For generations since discovering methods of exploring the deep blue sea, mankind has known of the existence of another sentient race that colonizes the ocean depths, the Deep ones. Due to the inability for either race to exist in the others ecosystem, and a severe language barrier, for a long time neither race could interact. At the advent of modern times this began to change, as small amounts of humans began utilizing modified technology, originally intended for deep space travel, to migrate under the ocean. These pioneers of uniquely difficult migration became known as the Deep Men, and began integrating into Deep one society, even beginning to understand their language.

Somewhere between the land, and the Deep Mens sea stations, Doctor Dakar the first created a privet funded sea station of his own in order to study relations of the Deep Ones and humans, a station known as the Nautilus 1. An oceanographer and conservationist, Dakar believed that by better sociatle integration with the Deep Ones, humanity could evolve technologically and become less dependent on finite resources, as well as bring less harm to the natural environment.

Dakar was a kind but paranoid man who trusted no government with his task and hand picked his crew from various private scientists, mercenaries and ex military individuals he believed he could trust after extensive background study. Among these men was Robert Quint, a former Marine already known to the Deep Ones after he had fended off a Deep Man pirate raid almost single handedly saving the boat he was stationed on, earning the respect of the Deep one authorities who captured the pirates.

Dakar had secretly chosen Quint as a test subject for his recently completed masterpiece, the Proteus armor. A suit designed for long term survival and operation at any depth, the first in what he hoped to be a long line of developments to allow humans and Deep ones to easily transition into each others domains.

it was not to be...

The lab was attacked by a radical eco terrorist movement, the notoriously anti human movement known as Green Fury. The members of the eco terrorist team believed that Dakar's work was going against the earths natural order (something they admittedly also said about any technology or culture higher than a campfire) and bombed the Nautilus 1, leading to the death of nearly the entire crew. Desperately, Dakar tried to save his lifes work but wound up slain by one of the terrorists. His final act being to beg Quint to save the Proteus armor...

Quint blasted off from the sea base as it sank into the blue abyss, leaving him alone with the armor. Despite his best efforts, very few of the crew could be rescued. When Green Fury tried to finish the job, Quint retaliated with the suits enhanced strength, and managed to drive them off by using the electro communication grid to summon help from numerous nearby sharks and deep sea crocodiles.

Quint was left adrift, figuratively and literally, having only the Proteus armor. He spent the next several months returning the few rescued crew members he could find to dry land...and informing the families of those he could not save. While attempting to live among the deep men as per Dakars instructions, he found himself visited to his surprise by a man claiming to be Dakars son. Going by the name of Nemo. Nemo had been estranged from his father for years due to differing ideology and had spent that time bringing to life another of his fathers masterpieces that had to that point existed only in blueprints. The Nautilus 2. Nemo offered Quint a partnership to continue his fathers work, to which Quint warily accepted. Along the way he and Nemo having a number of adventures among the Deep ones and Deep Men, including Quint developing a complex relationship with Nemos adopted deep one daughter, the sea vampire, Lamprey.

Over time, Quints suspicion of Nemo grew more and more, not only had Dakar never mentioned his son, but Nemo was reluctant to even visit the surface, and his ship, the Nautilus 2 was far more combat worthy than anything Dakar had created prior. A rift began forming between the two allies, as Quint caught wise to Nemo modifying the Proteus armor, adding an assortment of weapons. Finally, Quint found his proof to Nemos true intentions, when Nemo planned to make an example of the crew of a fishing trow. Quint managed to convince Lamprey to tell him the truth behind Nemo, and she revealed why Dakar had never mentioned his son...

Their difference in ideology was of Nemos growing misanthropy and hatred of the surface world after serving 2 tours of service in the military. Nemo grew to despise near all surface dwellers save for the oppressed and downtrodden who he empathized with from the horrors war had showed him. He retreated from society, finding refuge in scientific study, but unlike his father saught not peace but destruction. Modifying the Nautilus 2 into a war machine, he set about to punish any who would damage the oceans ecosystem, and assisting the oppressed the world over, but doing so through thievery, murder and tyrany, sinking fishing and whaling vessels and slaughtering the crew of an oil rig. To Quints horror, he found that prior to the loss of the Nautilus 1, Dakar was trying to reconcile with his son and steer him away from his dark path, but Green Furys murder of Dakar had been the final straw that pushed Nemo into his murderous crusade.

Quint took back the Proteus armor and fled, leading Nemo into a battle with Green Fury. The members of Green Fury nievly tried to gain Nemos assistance in their own anti human crusade, only for Nemo to verbally destroy them, calling out their methods and ideology before crushing their fleet with the Nautilus 2s mechanical tenticals. Quint used the confusion to escape, taking a stash of Nemos gold with him, and using it to hire a crew of Deep Men to salvage the Nautilus 1, rebuilding it as a mobile base with which he could begin his own crusade. One that would counter Nemo to protect both the people of the surface and the ocean. Along the way battling with sub pirates that regularly plagued the fringes of Deep one society, Quint took on the name that fit his armor, the Shark Man. Ever since he has tirelessly clashed with Nemo to defend the lives of people everywhere, having become a respected superhero on the surface for his repeated assistance stopping piracy.

under the waves, Shark Man has become respected and feared by the Deep Ones, some even believe him to be an avatar of their cultures death god, the Black Shark. Nemo has been his recurring arch enemy and the two clash ideologically, despite all this Nemo holds respect for his former ally and would much rather have Quint on his side once more. Lamphrey has been consistently split between her loyalty to her father and her friendship with Quint.

It is thanks to Quint becoming a hero both to the surface and the deep dwellers, that relations have opened up further between the two biomes, ultimately through his heroics, Quint continues Dakars work, and has inspired other sea dwellers to become heroes, including his occasional teammate, Orca.

Allies: Orca, Selki, Cthulhu, Lamphrey (complicated) Lady Kraken (VERY complicated) Frenzy (dont even ask)

Enemies: Green Fury, Captain Nemo, Leatherback (remember him?) The cult of Dagoth, The white eyes, Pirates and undersea nasties everywhere
Angel City: Shark Man Profile
Not gona lie here, eagle eyed viewers will catch more than one obvious reference. 

The Deep ones were always supposed to be part of the universe, but the Deep Men were only added in a recent revision. Nemo on the other hand has been in the plan from the very beginning, and I think it worked out for the best here.

also in case it wasn't obvious, Shark Man is not only quite competent in his own right, like an under sea Batman, but also armed to the teeth (all rows of them) just in case anyone had the gall to make an Aquaman joke. Dont go in the water.

also once again my usual habit of introducing future characters via the allies and enemies list, get used to it i have plans within plans and i cant stop planning. If i do I explode. Has happened before.

Ultra thanks to my pall :iconcrisis-comics: For his totally awesome drawing and design.
Superhumans, both hero and villain. They have been a part of this world since there has been a world to be a part of. I dont doubt that before the rise of modern man there was some sort of Ultra Neanderthal flying around, but I digress.

So, you want to hear of the secret of how superhumans are born? About their Genesis...No? Well too bad, your mothers credit card has already been billed.

The first and most notable factor of a superhuman both good and bad, is just where their powers come from. Discounting Stronium based mutations (dont do drugs kids) Primarily there are 5 Genesis that can create a Superhuman.

Technology is oft pretty reliable, it has been with humanity since you lot crawled out of the pits of your own dung and put some pants on. And modern day tech is so powerful that with some good money and good training, and of-corse dedication, a reasonably ordinary human can be nearly as powerful as one of the titans buzzing around the action zones. For those who dont want to rip off Ironman, nano armor is popular for lightweight protection and the like, and it looks dam good on girls if they dont wear anything under it. Speaking of nanobots, while very expensive, getting enough of them to controll or even infuse into your body can upgrade a average joe into a real superhuman, Hideo Kojima would be proud of son. But man maid supers are mostly for the police and army and other secret government fighters you arnt supposed to know about.

Magic is the cause of a lot of shenanigans on planet Earth, something about Earth sharing the same dimensional space as the world Fairies live in. Cept instead of being Disney fairies, these things are creatures of pure chaos and can really screw up your day. However magic is very rare. Ever since the dark ages when human mages ruled the world, till they got too big for their britches and started thinking they could enslave the celestial races to do their bidding. The angels kindly showed them the door and stomped out almost all human knowledge of magic to ensure it didn't happen again. All that remains are the tattered shreds of what could be saved and recovered. For the most part Magic seems to rely in equal parts on willpower and runes, when your mother told you knowledge is power, she was right. Study that crud long and hard enough and you might just be able to utilize it. Runes on the other hand are pre made spells stored in a single image, something like a magic character that can be printed on an item or even on your own body to provide different effects. Tho once again what an effect can do is hampered by what knowledge of magic remains in the world.

Thirdly is Ki, humanity natural spiritual abilities. Similar but distinct from magic, while Magic comes from another dimension, Ki comes from within the human form, and each person has different levels of ki they can utilize. Little is known about this way because the hidden Shinobi clans of the world have selfishly horded it like cheese cake in a fat camp. I guess they figure that the rest of humanity already have enough ways to start a war without being able to blast lightning. Ki is mastered through intense training of the body and spirit, something the Shinobi take throughout their entire lives. What I have found interesting is that despite sometimes seeming so similar...Ki actually disrupts Magic when used in large amounts, so you will never see a ninja as that would be.

Forth and most bizarrely, are Psychic powers. Finally something not everyone can do. Psychic powers come from having special DNA strands from an ancient race of humanoid dinosaurs...Yes that is what i said, humanoid dinosaurs that once ruled the earth with psychic powers. When they died out, the last few interbred with primitive humans, leaving little flecks of their DNA in your code. Those with enough Dino in them can utilize their reptilian brain to do some cool stuff. Usually it also makes you really smart or something...What is interbreeding? well you see when a mommy and a daddy love each other, or a daddy pays a woman a lot of money...ya know what i will get to this later...

Finally is the one that everyone thinks about. The most common power source. The mysterious cosmic force, also known as the Blue Force. Nobody really knows for sure just what the heck the blue force is, some say it is a gift from super evolved aliens, some say it is the will of the cosmos itself. But certain people at certain times in their lives, almost universally at a pivotal moment, especially when all other roads would lead to death, are granted superhuman powers seemingly out of the blue. These super beings, these Titans, are the real supermen of our world, their powers can seem to be anything from the improbable to the impossible. And nobody is able to track or discern an un awakened Titan. They just happen. Amazing crud isn't it? The best known of the Titans is by far the Centurion, a real stand up guy whos combination of winning the jackpot on flight strength and speed, and nice guy attitude, really endeared him to the world. And they say nice guys finish last...

And what about me? am I just an insane creep who sneaks into a kids bedroom at night to tell him random facts? No my little friend...*lights a cigar, revealing a jester mask* I'm a superhero...

*door opens and mothers voice is heard* "Alex, what was all that noise?...What, who are you!? I'm calling the police!"

Oh...time to go. By the way I raided your fridge for the leftover Pizza. Psyklown Away! *jumps through the closed window, shattering it.* OW! My flesh! Anyone got some gaus wrapping?

al fin.
Angel City: The Genesis
...this is why you really should not write plot important details on 4 hours of a week.

to make this more fun, i decided my ideal voice actor for Psyklown, thanks to my pal Silver, would be the same guy who voices Iron Tager. I was always planing on a deeper voice than anyone expected, but silver was nice enough to point out just the right one.

And thanks to both :iconsilverkazeninja: And :iconzetsumeimaru: for helping me design and detail the super powers and their Genesis in my series. Tho like all comic companies these are subject to retcon. Hell believe it or not VERY early in production i was going to have ALL powers in my universe be Psychic in nature and just manifest very differently.

Stay Gold.
i was going to make a journal praising all my great artist friends, so i will have to do that later to make it up to them.

meanwhile, as you can no doubt tell from my icon, as many comic and character writers here on DA have, I have a character i see largely as a reflection of myself, my main character or my avatar if you will. Normally it was always Top, the Psyklown, however recently as i spent much time writing my comic, i began associating myself with a very long running character of mine who ironically, was only just put to page officially after having been a figment of my nightmares many years ago. Xevian Von Vader, known a bit more now as the goat masked Trick the Trap Master...

so based on who knows anything about me (not much) which of these masked wierdos really reflects what you think i am?

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