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Wisp was acting strangely this day. As she entered Justice Harem HQ, the other heroines immediately noticed she seemed way out of it, like she had barely gotten any sleep.

White Owl put a hand on her shoulder. "Jessica? Are you ok?"

Wisp held up a flash drive, speaking as if she was sleepwalking. "Spent all night...found important data. Justice Harem must know..."

Wisp pushed her way through her many concerned friends (aww isn't that nice, they all care so much about her.) and stabbed the drive into the main computer...missing the slot 3 times before it finally connected.

Seeing Wisp had seriously worn herself out getting this, the rest of the team watched intently...

The screen went black for a few moments...Before a white corkscrew shape began to move outward, forming into a screen filling spiral. The girls found themselves drawn to the white and black expanse, like they were falling down an infinite pit...

The group of powerful women each tried to struggle, Curia screamed within her own head to look away, as her thoughts became more clouded...To her surprise, she felt a soft pair of hands gently take hold of her shoulders.

Wisp floated behind the tall Amazon, gently massaging her shoulders and softly speaking into her ear. "Isn't it so nice...just relax, let it all melt away. Feel the warmth flowing from my hands, warm and relaxing, that feeling filling you up from your feet to your head, so relaxing, so warm and safe. All your resistance melting away, melting...melting into a sea of endless comfort and pleasure...

Curias eyes reflected the spiral as Wisp gave her a gentle, friendly hug from behind. "I knew you would love it."

The fairy moved to Amazon Arrow, seeing her eye twitching as she was just barely summoning enough willpower to edge herself free.

Wisp began gently brushing her hair, running her fingers through the beautiful length. "Shh, there is no reason to fight. It serves no purpose. If you break free, you will be exhausted, pained, confused. Just submit and let the bliss wash over you. You want to be happy like us don't you?" The fairy's fingers proved to be surprisingly skilled, fixing the amazons hair in a gentle, relaxing and intimate manner. In moments, Amazon Arrows eyes reflected the screen. Wisp giggled and hugged her arm. "I wouldn't dream of hogging all this bliss to myself, my friends deserve to share it."

Next came White Owl, the messenger of Athena having managed to hold out this long.

Smiling sweetly, Wisp slipped off her mask, placing her hands on the mighty heroines face and gently rubbing under her eyes. "It will be alright, Athena. This is good. We are a team, and we stick together. You all are my mentors, you helped me so much, I knew I couldn't keep this to myself. Just listen to my voice, let me be your fairy guide, and drift off...drift off and drift away. Feel like you are floating, doesn't it feel so good? So free?"

White Owl's eyes reflected the screen...and she actually was floating. Wisp gave her a friendly hug, which the deeply entranced woman reflexively returned.

Finally, Wisp moved to Ubergirl...who's eyes had been reflecting the screen the whole time.

Wisp couldn't stifle a small laugh. "Svetta, you are so suggestible. I should have known you would love this." She gave Ubergirl a big friendly hug, before taking her place next to her, staring at the screen. Already programmed for it, Wisp offered no resistance, her eyes immediately began spiraling...


"Hahahaha! Perfect!

The screen cracked open as a rift in dimensions appeared over it, out came two red and black claws, as a mass of energy began emerging, forming into a shape...the shape of a cartoon fox like creature.

"Exelent girls, you all serve me, your new master. We are going to have so much fun together!"

The girls all kneeled before the inter-dimensional imp, as he stretched out one arm to cup Wisp's chin.

"you did well since my virus found you. As a reward...You get to be head hypno girl!" Wisp smiled mindlessly at the prospect.

"Ok now the fun begins, Svetta, cheerleader outfit. Curia, I need you to find a gallon of honey and a bikini in each girls size..."


As the imp vocalized his vaguely lewd machinations...suddenly the main door blew open, as a storm of strong wind exploded into the room!

Wreathed in the raging squall, generated by crackling energy in the form of purple lightning, in stepped a man in a garish jester outfit, and a black and white mask.


Top stood at his full imposing height, the entire room seeming to bend and distort just from his mere presence. Zorro, already the size of a cartoon fox, was comparatively looking up at a titan. 

Top raised one hand, grasping something akin to a steel poll. Zorro just gulped.


Top smacked Zorro on the nose with a rolled up newspaper.

"No! No."
Justice Harem Mini 2 good pall (i hope) :iconfairyprincessjess: wrote her own entry for :iconthestonemiester1: contest...and it inspired me to do this.

I also figured since in my thread of logic, Wisp is already on the superhero team, i would dive into potential thoughts she may have towards her friends and mentors, and their relationship moving from master and student to equals.

o also :iconzorro-venom: is in there. Frankly I intended Hekate to be a trickster archetype but she came off as too serious and goal oriented. Lucky for us all Z was here to be a goofball we all need and deserve. Also apparently he is now my universe equivalent of Mr. Mxysptlk. So what happens if he says Monev-Orroz?

I been on a kick with these things and people seem to like them so i am throwing this out as I ready another present or 2. I will get back to Angel City soon but I think i will keep doing these cos they are fun and you guys enjoy em.

Credit as always to :iconcuria-dd: :iconamazonarrow: :iconwhite0wlsuperheroine: for their super heroines, but not for their free will which didn't make a long appearance here.

Spoilers for next issue: Someone will get hypnotized...

Stay Gold.
(if i ever wanted to do a short, Batman style cold open that doesn't fully resolve itself but leaves a sort of "you make the ending" sort of imagination inspiration thing, and doesn't filter into the full story that comes after...)

At justice harem HQ, on a most unusual day, the entire team of wondrous women had assembled, at the center of their tech lab stood a rather unassuming, and certainly unimposing young a cheep goat mask.

Trick the Trap Master, super genius and offbeat inventor, had been called in to research the details of a biological weapon most foul that had been bravely recovered and confiscated earlier that month.

"Fascinating, absolutely mind seriously I figured out what this stuff does but not really how it works."

Nearly every member of the world famous, all female hero team sat around Trick as he carefully held up a small glass vial.

"Seems innocent enough doesn't it? but this fluid is an incubation agent for one of the most dangerous weapons I have ever laid eyes on. This is something that has scientifically been dubbed Pathoid Microbeal Selinade. Not entirely sure why that was chosen but we know Selinade is a recently created artificial pathogenic life form. To this end it has been nicknamed the Amazon Virus, as it only effects women."

Every woman present scooted their chair back slightly as he continued. "What it is designed to do is even more heinous. Any female infected with the bio weapon will within a matter of seconds, become extremely aggressive and hostile to any man they see. I can only assume whoever designed this sucker was planning on a major depopulation bomb. Just imagine the nightmare that could awaken if this little monster was let out..."

Immediately following his obvious foreshadowing, Wisp, still in her school uniform and holding toast in her mouth, burst through the door. "Eep, sorry I'm late, an exam ran long! what did I miss, was it important!?"

moving too fast to stop, she struck Trick in the back, sending the rather short scientist tumbling over, causing the vial to shatter on the ground!

Trick got back to his feet, instantly noticing the shattered vial...He slowly looked around, at the fact that he was surrounded by some of the most powerful woman on the planet.

In a snap, Trick tapped several buttons on his wrist mounted computer. "Computer, emergency recall teleport! Get me out of here now!"
Justice harem mini 1
So...ya I was brainstorming and i remembered an old joke i had with my palls about this thing i call the amazon virus. Since i recently got into a circle of friends thanks to :iconzorro-venom: and consisting of :iconthestonemiester1: :iconcuria-dd: :iconamazonarrow: :iconwhite0wlsuperheroine: and :iconfairyprincessjess: ...ya i decided to drug this little one off idea up...

well i am a man making a joke about a woman on the internet so according to Tumblr I am doomed.

stay gold!
It had been a crazy weekend for the Justice Harem...and not just because that name for their super team stuck.

Over the course of a mere 48 hours, Ubergirl had been taken out of commission by a clinically depressed AI, at the same time giving Wisp a serious traumatic shock. With the maiden of might (or is it maiden of mindlessness) incapacitated, crime had skyrocketed, at about the same rate as pictures of bound and gagged super heroines had declined in her city.

Her allies had been picking up the slack, expanding their patrols to put down the criminal element in her city as well, at the same time, having to call in their reserve members to fill the gaps, as well as Miss Merize to cure Wisp's panic coma.

"Amazing how hard Svetta and Wisp work, each of us must have stopped double our usual number of crimes."

Amazon Arrow sat at the non specifically advanced crime computer, monitoring for any crimes needing the heroines attention.

Behind her, Curia stood. "Well not entirely. Over on the east coast, a new heroine, Zealot has been keeping crime down...also church attendance is up 1,000% and everyone seems to be voting the same..."

The two heroines grimaced at the news. "Ok, one crisis at a time..."

All of a sudden, the crime computer went crazy with alerts, a computerized voice shrieking

"Emergency, emergency. Level 20 threat detected. Johnny Massacre sighted entering city limits. All citizens within the area are advised to hide under their beds and cry."

Amazon Arrow quickly brought up the data file on the villain. "Resonance user, his music can tear apart mountains. He has taken down entire super teams with his doomsday concert before!"

As she grabbed her bow, Curia was already at the door. "Call White Owl...Call everyone, we need all the backup we can get!"

Amazon Arrow looked to the back of the command center, where a still stricken Wisp reclined, watched over by Miss Merize. "Will you be ok on your own?"

Miss Merize adjusted her glasses "She is improving, I will stay with her in case anything more develops. Be careful out there, I can only heal minds, not broken bodies."

Amazon Arrow smiled as she followed her college, off to stop the mad musician!


With the other heavy hitters conveniently out of the base for an uncertain amount of time, the mental mistress, Miss Merize, went back to her patient...

A deeply entranced Wisp reclined on a large, soft and semi rounded surface. the gentle breathing of what was under her shaking her comparatively small body ever slightly.

"Misha is worried. Fairy looked so scared. Will Fairy ever get back to normal?"

It was Misha, a red oni and recent reserve member of the Justice Harem. Called in to help keep the incapacitated heroines safe while they recovered. Wisp had been reclining on her comparatively much larger body, her head supported by the oni girls huge... ...tracks of land.

Miss Merize smiled gently at the oni girl's kindness and concern. "Stay calm, Misha. Panicking won't solve anything. I can heal her but some of the work has to come from her side, she has to overcome her fear, or else it will keep dragging her down."

"Misha can't help being afraid. Misha knows only how to punch problems away. Fairy can not punch her fear of dolls, because Red Lady is her friend also. Misha feels like she can't help at all."

Miss Merize placed a hand on Misha's rather large shoulder, before raising her glasses, looking straight into Miaha's eyes. The mighty Onis eyes went wide, before they started to glaze over, not putting forth any resistance in the presence of a friend that she trusted.

"Everything will be fine, Misha. I promise I will work to the best of my ability to get Wisp back into full form. I will guide her out of her inner demon's grasp. I have done it many times before, and in the end she will be better for it. Now just relax. You are helping just by being here, giving her a friend she can lean on. Just relax..."

Misha's eyelids grew heavy, before she sank into a peaceful sleep, her breathing becoming gentler. The gentle sway of Wisp's form slowing. Wisp was indeed showing improvement. When she had arrived, she was nearly catatonic from the shock of being attacked, disabled and nearly kidnapped by her own brainwashed friend. Now she had a gentle smile, she was in a peaceful dream.

Miss Merize brushed Wisp's hair gently. "When you wake up, everything will be calm and peaceful again. We can talk about your fear rationally, and I can help you through any lingering fears you have. For now just rest, little fairy, you are among friends."


As Miss Merize worked her powers subtly, slowly assisting Wisp in overcoming her shock, she failed to notice something scurry across the ceiling. She did however catch a glimpse of it out of the corner of her eye as it darted between two components in the wall. She had seen only a shadow of it, but it was big, larger than a spider, something unusual, something that should not have been able to get into the base.

Careful not to risk shaking her patient or Misha, for fear of the mental shock harming them further, she kept calm, not letting whatever it was know she had seen it. Calmly, she got up, slowly walking towards the computer, just steps away from the internal security alarm...

Suddenly she caught a whiff of something strange. A barely noticeable vapor that had been sprayed across the room like a missile. She had only seconds to register, before the room became blurry. She put a hand to her head, unable to keep her balance as her heels caught on the floor, she nearly fell over, just managing to brace herself to her knees, leaving her heels behind as she knelt, still unable to steady herself.

Her arms felt heavy, her head felt like it was spinning, it was all like being drugged. She could not move an inch, she could barely even see, as she got the first good look at what had drugged her. The very thing she had been trying to alert the team to...

Some sort of vaguely spider/scorpion like creature scurried across the ground. Strangely from what detailed her blurry eyes could process, despite its insectoid build, it was clearly reptilian... Two red, slit like eyes gazed menacingly into hers, as the creature reared to its full size, its face latching onto hers as the helpless woman could not even scream.

(Due to the really dam freaky nature of this scene, we will not go into terrible detail, but basically if this were a TV show the camera would cut to the shadow on the wall as it entered her body through her mouth.)

She fell over to her side, feeling suddenly coming back to her body as she began to stand up, pain firing through every nerve as she could feel something...changing within her. Miss Merize stood for several moments, completely still, completely silent, then looked into a computer screen, her reflection showing red, reptilian eyes. "She is now mine..."


She strolled back across the floor, no longer hampered. Her stockings suddenly ripping to shreds as her body pulsed with newfound internal energy. Her bone structure itself changing bit by bit, now walking with her heels off the ground, her fingers transforming into claws, her hair growing much longer and more spiky, bone spikes forming out of her back as the savage alien transformed her body to suit its preferences.

"This host has such strange self restraints...So much power of the mind yet she fears using too much. Instead she prefers simply nudging her charges along with "traditional hypnosis" for healing. What happens when I push her power past this self imposed limit..."

The possessed woman looked over to her two sleeping patients, her mouth forming into a sharp toothed grin as her eyes began to glow with energy...


Wisp had never felt so happy before. Girly as it may be, she was at a tea party, Misha had shown up just moments ago, happy to see the fairy girl smiling once more.

At the table sat a dark elf in a shiny cat suit, a albino ninja girl, a young woman in a long, purple cowl; A woman in a purple and silver costume with glowing eyes, a cute little bunny robot in a black this girl has some odd acquaintance memories...

Finally happy once more, her fears of being attacked by her friend, and creepy dolls, miles away...


The party faded away, as the idealistic outdoor setting began to wither, its spring appearance becoming late autumn as the weather suddenly became dreary. Suddenly only Wisp and Misha remained. Wisp felt a wave of fear wash over her, as the clouds formed into a demonic appearance. A pair of red, reptilian eyes gazed down at her from the dark clouds. "Your magic...belongs to me now..."

Wisp backed away, but the clouds only got larger, soon taking up most of the horizon. A great hand began reaching down towards her "Jooooooooin usssssss!"

Misha grabbed the fear paralyzed Wisp and ran the opposite direction, fast as her powerful legs could cary her. Wisp couldn't move, she couldn't even speak, the fear that had been plaguing her for the past several hours worming its way back into her thoughts...

The monster behind them smashed its fist into the ground, causing fissures so massive the landscape began to break and fall away into nothingness. Misha found herself with nowhere to run, and the two fell into the darkness, screaming as everything fell away.


"Hello? hello there? how can you really be unconscious when you are already in a dream? Is this some sort of Inception joke cos I think we are a little late on that bandwagon."

Wisp's eyes snapped open to see a garishly dressed, tall man in a black and white mask standing over her. She shrieked so loud that it reverberated in the endless white plane they found themselves in...somehow considering there wern't any walls for the sound to bounce off...dream logic I guess.

"Gah! Sheesh I thought you were Wisp, not Black Canary! My ears drums just pulled a death star!"

Wisp huddled herself into a ball, hugging her knees "Stay away from me, pervy clown!"

Top leaned to the side, smacking his head a few times to try and clear his ears. "Wow wow wow. No reason to fear. It's alright, it's just a mask, see?"

He reached up, removing his mask to reveal...A celestial void within, all black, blue and purple like distant nebula, with tiny points of light like stars...And two burning eyes, one red, one purple."

Wisp's eyes went wide as she saw, Top quickly putting his mask back on, seeming slightly shy about showing what was underneath.

"W-what are you?" slightly coming out of her shell, Wisp managed to ask the jester.

Top cartwheeled over to an equally unconscious Misha, sitting on her leg like a bench. "Well an odd and interesting question, one that won't be answered here or for several more issues out of preservation of dramatic suspence."

Wisp cocked her head to the side, looking puzzled.

"I mean it is too complicated to explain, for now, I am a friend. you may call me Top Eugene Spiegel. you may NOT call me Spike Spiegel, I know we share the same voice actor though."

Wisp just looked more puzzled at all the oddity going on...and considering she is a magic fairy, that really says something.

"Ok, where are we? what was that...thing?"

Top took off his hat, reaching inside and pulling out...a screen play script. "Let see here, You recieved a traumatic shock that left you in a catatonic state. Out of concern for your mental health, your friends had to call in a hypnotist to try and help you overcome your fear, however little did our heroes know, she became possessed by an evil entity and is now trying to enthrall your mind, with which she can dominate the rest of the Justice Harem and take over the world..." Before crumpling the script and throwing it over his shoulder "Of Course."

Wisp's eyes went wide again at all the information...but Top continued before she could even process it all.

"You and your well endowed tank/dps friend landed here, the dreamtime, a place I happen to reside."

Wisp finally caught up with herself enough, floating to her feet and walking over to sit next to him, though still at a cautious distance (luckily being a red oni, Misha had plenty of leg.)

"What is...the dreamtime?"

Top looked down, a bit disappointed. "I guess White Owl didn't remember all of her journey here. Haven't you ever heard of the collective unconscious? (Wisp shakes her head) Ok...Dreamside? (Wisp shakes her head) The Dreamscape? (shakes head) The Fantasy Zone? (shakes head) ...Sheesh, Fairy. you are deprived!"

He stood up, pulling a marker from his hat and drawing crude images in mid air. "Look basically, your friend, Miss Merize has a lot of mental power. At base she seems to use it just to enhance traditional hypnosis, allowing her to push past normal limitations and help her patients with much faster and more stable trance states...Now that she is no longer herself, her power has been pushed well past where she normally goes, turning her simple hypnosis into a serious mental trip, and you and the oni are in for a ride with her."

As he stood aside, showing his picture, it was just a crudely drawn sentence saying "You are being brainwashed!"

Wisp looked frightened. "W-what can I do? I can't let this happen, I'm a superhero!"

Top just straightened his hat. " what I am here for. I see in you a great potential, something that you need to unlock within yourself, and right now, that is the only shot this world has. Your magic and your mental state are connected. When you feel confident, you are strong. Fear is natural and unavoidable, but when you let your fear consume and overwhelm you, your power suffers, you become weak and helpless. Just like Miss Merize told you, she can help show you the way, but the path to overcoming this fear is one you have to walk."

Wisp put her head in her hands. " helpful but a little vague. Don't you think I want to be brave? I have overcome fear before, I think every hero has. I just can't...get the image out of my head. I see Svetta, someone I trust with all my heart. she was turned on me just like a puppet with no choice of her own. It was...I couldn't even fight back, my friend was against me..."

Misha began to stir. "Oof, Misha landed on her head again. Who is Fairy talking to?"

Wisp pointed to Top, but he was no longer there.

"Misha would normally assume visual and auditory hallucinations are to blame, but Misha is unsure if that can happen in whatever subconscious plane of existence Misha and Fairy are in."

Wisp went right back to looking down, now scared and depressed as she self reflected on her fears. "I feel pathetic. What kind of hero am I?"

Misha answered plainly. "You are Wisp, hero to uncountable people, member of the Justice Harem, savior of thousands of lives, Misha's friend."

Wisp looked up, smiling a little. "T-thank you. I won't be worthy of any of that if I can't get my head on straight again. I can't keep letting my fear win."

Misha sat up, gently putting her arms around Wisp (by gentle for an oni we mean she avoided even actually touching her least she squash the fairy like a bug on a wind screen.)

"Misha face fear also. Misha has had times before that Misha felt pathetic. Overpowered by other demons, beaten and left to die, Misha felt small and weak and alone."

Wisp looked concerned upon hearing this. "How did you overcome your fear?"

Misha smiled "Misha did not. Misha lives with it, Misha fear comes back sometimes, but Misha remembers people depend on her, care for her. Misha came to care for humans also. Misha still afraid but does not let that stop her."

Wisp smiled, genuinely, without the need for a hypnotic dream, she hugged Misha...s abbs, her arms barely reaching the sides of the buff onis body. "Thank you Misha, It's a wonder why you aren't on the main team with drive like that."

Misha responded in a matter of fact tone. "Misha has very specific skill set that does not supersede other heroines more varied skills. While Misha is stronger, she can not fly, gets tossed around easier, and Misha strength tend to cause huge collateral damage. Other heroes only call Misha when much extra muscle and fighting skills are needed, or to train new heroes how to fight with demon martial arts."


Meanwhile in the physical plane of existence...

A monitor buzzed to life, as White Owl appeared

"Miss Merize? are you there? We managed to avert the crisis, luckily he was already pretty drunk when he started his attack so after a while he just passed out after hitting on us for 10 minutes is everything ok?"

From White Owl's perspective, Miss Merise could be seen just from the hem of her dress and sleeves, her head hidden in darkness but for her now glowing red eyes. White Owl instantly knew something was wrong, but was already too late.

The possessed Miss Merize eyes flashed with power, transmitting a hypnotic signal across the communicator, as the beam hit White Owl directly in her eyes, they immediately went blank.

"You now belong to your queen. Tell the others with you to contact this body, they must be prepared for conversion as well..."

White Owl responded, with absolutely no emotion. "This slave obeys, my hive queen."


Back with the emotional side of the plot.

Finally feeling the love of her friends around her once more, Wisp could feel her confidence slowly return, she smiled warmly at her friend, rising to her feet.

"Ok, do we get out of this place?"

Misha scratched the back of her head. "Misha is not good at solving problems that do not involve fighting. In this way Misha has been compared to Goku several times."

Wisp floated around Misha for a few moments, thinking hard to herself. "Hmm...Hay! Listen to that! Do you hear something?"

The sky...or what passed as the sky in this eerily limbo like dimension, began to crack, as two massive clawed hands pryd the rift wider, and a single, massive, red eye gazing down at the two. "You can not hide from me. you are already in my power!"

As the Invader tried to widen the rift, Wisp took one step back, panic on her face...then she gulped, looked back at Misha, and looked back to the giant enemy with far more determination. "Nobody is hiding. We're ending this right now!"

The invader was suddenly thrown back, as Wisp zoomed through the rift, protected by a magical aura that had turned her into an impromptu missile. Misha soon followed after, climbing out of the rift on her own.

Wisp shot around the giant form of the monster, it swatted at her, but in taking such a gigantic size it was slower, especially here, in Wisp's mind, where her own ideas could effect its level of control.

Wisp dashed around one of its arms, summoning a huge fist of ice and launching it right into the monsters face. The hit not only knocked it back, but froze part of its head. Wisp did not let up, summoning a barrage of fireballs that peppered the monsters mid section, slowly pushing it back.

The monster recovered and tried to clap Wisp...only to find she blocked its hands with her own. "what? Impossible! you are not that strong!"

Wisp did not respond, all her focus going into her magic, extending it outward as twin jets of rocket speed, intense magic flames, pushing the monsters arms back with the propulsion heat! With a burst of effort, she threw its arms back, before summoning a gigantic blade of ice, slicing the creatures entire body diagonally!

The giant black form began to crumble, as from its center...fell the body of Miss Merize! Wisp gasped in fright, as she zoomed down, catching her falling ally in mid air, before landing back n the ground. "Whew, that was too close."

"Indeed it was..." Miss Merize eyes snapped open, revealing the red glow. Before wisp could even respond, both her hands grabbed Wisp's face, forcing her eyes open. "Now finally you will submit to my will like the others!"

In a split second, Wisp managed to cast one more spell...calling down a colossal lightning bolt that struck both of them. The invader screamed in pain and anger, as Miss Merize form began to separate from it. Finally, the creatures mind was purged from Miss Merize, floating up in the form of a black cloud.

"Oops, I forgot to say shazam." Wisp quipped.

Back in the real world, The invader howled in pain, as in a flash of energy, Miss Merize body returned to normal, the creature being ejected from her body, as the hypnotist fell to the floor, exhausted from the ordeal.

But the invader was not done. Mentally shocked and exhausted, it shakily managed to get to its many feet, looking up at Wisp's still sleeping form. "My body might be done...but I'm not!"


Only seconds after she had finished off the invader, Wisp zoomed over to the rift, helping Misha fit all the way through, before the rift repaired itself, any sign of the dreamtime vanishing with it. "Phew, glad that was over, now back to that lucid dream!"

But it was not to be, suddenly from out of nowhere, a mass of tenticals wrapped around Wisp, restraining her as more and more appeared, completely mummifying her and forming a cocoon like structure!

"Surprise! I'm back!"

The coccoon split open, as a corrupted Wisp stepped out, her costume now far more revealing, consisting almost entirely of a skirt and top made from bone like material, her skin a dark gray color, her eyes solid red, even her wings looking more sinister.

"This one still barely realizes the potential of her magic. With her, dominating this world should be even easier!"

In the real world, the possessed wisp levitated from Misha's stomach, laughing to herself as she moved to the medical bay. There, floated Ubergirl, still in a decontamination tank from being dollified earlier. "And you...may have the potential to be the mightiest of all, just a few adjustments needed..."

With a snap of her fingers, the possessed Wisp caused the glass tank to blow away like dust. The liquid flowed upward, forming a ball and crystallizing, before dropping to the floor. she took a moment to observe Ubergirl, before waving her hand, causing the nanobot corruption to fleck away like tiles of paint peeling back, leaving Ubergirl back to her normal self once more.

Svetta opened her eyes, free from the nanobot corruption...only to see a very malicious looking Wisp floating before her.

"Now for one more spell..." Wisp reached out, placing a finger between Ubergirl's eyes and tapping her forehead. The very second her finger touched, Svettas eyes went blank white.

"I...I obey my queen."

The possessed Wisp laughed deeply. "Now we are finally getting somewhere!"


Back within Wisp's shared dream, the corrupted Wisp stood with only Misha to oppose her, and she was clearly not concerned.

"Now all that is left free is you, the one too destructive to even be made a proper superhero."

Misha growled "Let fairy go, NOW!"

The invader continued, not even slightly threatened. "I can see into your mind as well. You hurt someone while trying to save them. An outcast no matter where you go, a weakling good for nothing but a punching bag in the demon world, and a big scary monster that wrecks anything she touches in this world, how pathetic."

"Misha said, let fairy go NOW!"

Again, she continued her taunt "These girls are the only ones who have ever shown you anything besides scorn, even among the humans you try to defend. Cute but still quite pathetic. Even now you can't fight me, you are too afraid you would hurt your little fairy friend. Not that I would even let a lummox like you lay a hand on me. This body, this mind I have infested has the potential to be one of the most powerful of all! In a scant few hours, she will be fully consumed, and I can move on to some important things, like starting a hive of my own, infesting your friends, and taking over this dumb little planet."

"Last warning..."

By now, the invader was getting a little annoyed. I know you won't hurt me, you may as well surrender. You couldn't even present a strong enough shock to separate us, I am surprised even she could. Really I don't think I will even infest you, strong as that hybrid may be, you are too dumb and unsightly for my presence. In-fact you know what, lets just stop this before it starts..."

Raising her hand as it glowed with magic energy, she waved off a small ball that flew right into Misha's face where it exploded into glittering powder. "Sleep!"

... ... nothing happened.

As Misha took a moment to crack her knuckles, the invader looked stunned with surprise. "Wha? Why are you not..."

Misha finished for her. "Demons are resistant to magic. Misha only let herself be hypnotized by friends she trusts."

The invader was about to brush the situation off and make another belittling quip...When Misha moved her legs to a wide martial art stance, focusing all her energy to one arm, she shot forward, punching the invader right in the stomach!

The hit was so hard that a crater formed around them, the invader staggered back, cluching her stomach, as thick, black blood trickled from the sides of her mouth.

Misha stood, looking serious and very angry. "Oni style, Five Hells Strike. Will hurt Parasite in her ki, not harm Fairy.

The invader swiftly flew back, gaining some distance, and probing Wisp's memories for a useful spell. "Astral gate!" A portal opened, as suddenly a speeding train was shot out of it, like a missile right at Misha!

Misha put forth both arms, blocking the train! The force of the hit pushing her back, but Misha retaliated, pushing  off the ground with one mighty leap, taking the train with her, end reversing her momentum, smashing it down in a suplex! The invader just barely dodged in time.

Quickly trying to summon an even more powerful spell, the invader formed a pair of razor sharp ice knives over both arms, shooting at Misha, only for both to shatter on impact. In the back of Wisp's mind, the invader noticed a memory of a legend that Oni had skin stronger than solid stone.

Misha grabbed both of the invaders arms, pulling at them to both sides. The invader strained and struggled, unable to conjure anything as she cried out in pain and anger once more...

With a ripping sound, Misha tore the corruption in half, leaving only Wisp in the center, as if Misha had pulled apart wrapping paper around her. The corruption dissipating once more into black smoke and vanishing.

Misha caught Wisp before she fell out of the air, only daring to hold her in the palms of both hands, she wanted to hug her friend and apologize for the fight, but was too afraid of hurting her. Seconds later, Wisp began to stir...


In the real world, Misha awoke, looking around the room frantically, at the front of the base, sitting at the crime computer, she saw Wisp, an entranced Ubergirl floating behind her. Wisp dubbled over in pain, as the invader was ejected from her body in a flash of energy, landing on the ground with a "Splat"

Misha stood tall over the invader, the severely weakened creature trying desperately to crawl away, but after two defeats, it could barely move.

The angry oni raised one foot. "Who is pathetic now, Parasite!" *Squish!* "That...was for Fairy, and Doctor."

A few moments later, Wisp had recovered, freed Ubergirl, and gotten Miss Merize back to her feet. After a brief recap to her friends, all present stated how proud they were, both of Wisp overcoming her fear, and Misha stepping up to save Wisp at the end.

Thieir celebration was short lived, as through the door strode White Owl, her eyes blank and white, followed by Curia and Amazon Arrow. They all stood around the group, before bowing to Miss Merize. "Hive queen, your slaves have arrived."

Miss Merize looked shocked and embarrassed...she was about to free them, but looked over to Wisp, Ubergirl, and Misha, all of them looking frazzled despite having slept most of the day. "Hmm...their patrols are over for today...ah screw it, we just fought a personal space invader on two planes of reality. Slaves, I order you to give the four of us a much needed spa day."


That night, as Wisp slept peacefully again, she had a very different dream. A woman completely hidden by a blue, black and yellow robe appeared before her. a mass of moths fluttering all around where they were.

"I am one like you. I ask that you find me, daughter of magic. Find me and free me from my chains. I am the Clairvoyant..."

Wisp woke up with a start, breathing the foot of her bed, Top was standing in the darkness, the only light in the room being his eyes glowing their different colors.

"You really should not eat nachos before bed, Jessica. It can give you strange dreams."

Top reached out one hand right before her eyes, and snapped...

The end?
Wisp Vs Invader
A present for my good pall :iconfairyprincessjess: Continuing the impromptu story i started earlier for :iconthestonemiester1: contest. Detailing a lot more of my surreal expressionist skills with dream settings and logic, and my general love of the strange.

due to the malleable setting of dreams, I stuffed in a buncha cameos, un-named but recognizable characters from all my writing palls the dark elf by :iconchaosoverlordz: The albino ninja by :iconsilverkazeninja: The cloaked woman by :iconcrisis-comics: and the bunny form of Dollwoman by... :icondollwoman: Hope you guys enjoy!

as for major characters, credit for Curia goes to :iconcuria-dd: Credit for White Owl goes to :iconwhite0wlsuperheroine: Credit for Amazon Arrow goes to :iconamazonarrow: and credit for Miss Merize goes to :iconthe4thsnake:

Invader, Misha the Oni, Johnny Massacre, and Top all belong to me.

I'ts only going to get stranger from here folks.

Stay Gold.
It was mid day, a cry for help echoed across the inner city bustle. No pedestrians called the police, nobody even heard...nobody except White Owl.

Zooming down from the sky, the mighty messenger of Athena landed in a conveniently blocked alleyway so deep the mid day sun didn't even reach the filthy inner city street...

At the center of the ally, a woman lay, wrapped in a filthy cloak, quietly sobbing; nothing but her bloodied hand showed, staining the cloak.

Like a shot, White Owl raced over to her, quickly pulling at the cloak to check her for injuries. She spoke calmly, but with authority, trying to make the woman feel safe and sooth her fear.

"Everything is going to be alright, I promise you, just stay calm and I will get you to a hospital."

For a split second, the sobbing...seemed to change to giggling.

"Oh you dear, sweet woman...I wont be the one in need of care."

Before White Owl could react, the cloak was thrown over her face, it seemed to cling like adhesive tape, covering the heroine's mouth and nose, obscuring her vision. She grabbed the cloth over her face, pulling with all her might, even with all her strength, it only just tore free from her face, just in time for the heroine to see...a tall woman in a black gown and hood complete with an open veil, holding before her a metal lantern, dangling off a chain at the end of a hooked metal rod.

"Oh, did you not like my magic trick? And after all the trouble I went through to prepare rude." She blew into the lit lantern, casting a wisp of soot at White Owl. The heroine stood at her guard, but it magically filled her breath, instantly sending the heroine into a deep sleep...

"Nighty night little hero. We will have plenty more to play when you wakey wakey."


White Owl opened her eyes, it was night now, she could tell by the stars through the that wasn't right, it shouldn't be a full moon tonight...She turned her head to look out another window, only to see a perfect crescent moon viewed through its center.

Slowly, she stirred her body though tired, heavy feelings as if it were made of lead, getting to a sitting position on the stone altar she had awoken on, finding that each of the 4 windows in wherever she was held a different phase of the moon.

A great many questions crossed the wise heroine's mind, as she immediately set to work considering just where she was, and why she was brought here. Perhaps it is this intense focus on the problem at hand that kept her from noticing she was nearly naked.

Realization came to her all at once, as her bare feet touched the cold stone floor. The only thing keeping this comic from going up another rating, was a thin linen sheet draped over her. For all intents and purposes...she had been laid out like a sacrifice...

"Awake so soon? Oh of course. Dear Athena gave you that healing power, my dream smoke should have kept you out for another day or two."

She turned (paying careful attention to hold the sheet at a censor approved level) to see the woman slowly descending a stone staircase on the far side of the chamber, the lantern still dangling before her.

"Oh dear, what ever was I thinking, sorry darling, I tend to be of 3 minds. We can't have you out and about in that old thing, it's been a long time since the Egyptians made a bare chest fashionable. Oh dear that memory, I am reliving my college days."

With a wave of her hand, the woman in black caused the sheet over White Owl to shift and change, forming a tight, somewhat more ornate appropriation of her costumes mid section, at least preserving her modesty.

"There there darling, that's better. Now we can get down to business, the business I brought you here for..."

As she spoke, the woman seemed to fade into smoke, as a near identical form stepped out of the shadows, taking hold of the lantern, this one differentiated by a snake coiled around her shoulders.

"Lets cut to the chase, darling. I want that sounds like a come on...You are servant of Athena. and I plan to have you all to myself...dang I just can't seem to keep the innuendo under control today...I am going to steal your services from Athena, and make you into MY messenger. You will become a servant of Hekate, goddess of magic!"

White Owl, rightly a little miffed at being drugged and kidnapped and possibly hit on, retorted rather angrily. "What makes you think I have any intention of abandoning Athena for you!?"

Hekate, the only part of her face visible being her lips, gave a smug smile. "Oh, well I don't recall offering you a choice, darling."

As she had been speaking, Hekate was moving the lantern in a rather subtle way, causing it to sway delicately in the air. As she kept talking, White Owl found her vision drawn to the flame, like a moth. Her impassioned speech about her sense of duty and justice began to slow, as her thoughts started to slip away from her, her eyes locked on the flickering flame as it swayed back and forth..back and forth...

The flame began to warp and change, a face appearing in it, as it turned from a brilliant yellow to blue and black, like an ultraviolet light. The face reflected in White Owl's eyes, as they began to dull. By now her speech had derailed, her train of thought lost completely, she felt all she could do was stare into the goddess flame.

A second Hekate appeared from the darkness, taking White Owl by the arm, guiding her to her feet, and moving her over to stand before the first one, before gently guiding her to her knees. Letting her gaze up at the swinging flame in all its unnatural brilliance.

"Oh you humans, so fragile, malleable, so easy to bend to my will. And these silly costumes, making play that you are any more significan't then one of the ants that crawls along the ground. Being a goddess among men is nothing compared to an actual goddess, just a slightly more useful human for me to play with..."

White Owl barely heard, the words now came from her mistress, her goddess. A gentle smile crossed the entranced heroine's lips, as she felt right being in the service of Hekate. Her mind slowly falling into a dark, peaceful oblivion, like a dreamless sleep...


... ...

White Owl's eyes snapped open, finding herself floating in a White, featureless void...

Every direction around her seemed to be nothing but a blank White plane, not even any ground to stand on.

All of a sudden, a man in garish clothing and a black and White mask appeared, sitting across a floating throne that was notably upside down from her perspective. Looking over to her, he spoke in a thick, Romani accent.

"Oh would you look at that, a lovely visitor, how delightful. Well my fair maiden, I spose you are wondering just why you are here?"

White Owl raised an eyebrow at the sudden bizarre turn this adventure had taken.

"Yes, a little clarity would be nice...but frankly considering the way you are dressed, I doubt i will get any sense out of you."

The throne tumbled over backwards, as the strangely dressed man rolled back, laughing, till coming to a stand, still upside down from her perspective, apparently standing on thin air...then he began to pantomime climbing a staircase, his path moving in a spiral perpendicular to her current gravitational state, until he stood on the same plane she was floating on.

"Perhaps first introductions would be in order, my lovely." He spoke, taking a bow as he removed his hat, holding it to the side. "I am Top Eugene Spiegel, the Psyklown. And this place you are within is called the Dreamtime. You have come here because Hekate dominated your will, and has enslaved your mind. Here you will remain, a fragment of free will that once was, floating until your physical body is destroyed and you pass on with it..."

White Owl's eyes went wide. "W-what? I can't be stuck here! she took over my mind permanently!? But...I never even had a chance to fight for my life..."

As Top stood up, straightening his hat, and flicking the blue feather sticking out of it, back into place. "That is the problem with Immortals like the Olympians. They tend to break the rules with malicious impunity. What Hekate did was basically the mental version of poisoning you in your sleep, one shot one domination with no chance to stop it. It's a shame really because in a fair fight you would be even with her...Hmm..."

White Owl, still quite shocked from her pseudo death, looked puzzled at the Jester's reaction. "Um...what are you thinking about? Is there more to this?"

Top continued making audible thinking sound effects. "Considering...considering...Ah! I know, Have you ever seen a spirit quest, I will be your guide and just free you from Hekate's power so you can have the fair shot you deserve!"

White Owl had to consciously stop herself from face palming. "You mean you can just free me like that? Then it isn't really permanent, why didn't you just do that in the first place?"

Top started walking again, as if along a circular staircase, he paced in a vertical circle "Well I could, but how do we know Hekate wont just hypnotize you again? I have been watching you and your amazing friends for quite some not in that way, get your mind out of the gutter. Seems you girls have a certain vulnerability to the powers of the mind. What an odd and interesting coincidence, that happens to be my field. Hekate has grown in power and her sadistic streak since she became this corrupted form..."

White Owl looked even more confused. "Wait, Hekate is corrupted? By what?"

Top looked back very frankly. "Ok look if i went over every faculty of this situation we would get into some serious MGS2 levels of difficult to understand exposition, for right now lets focus on the issue at hand...With that, I need you to do a little something for me. Show your strength, true inner strength of will, and I will set you free, back into the material world."

White Owl grumbled, face palming once more. "Look you are kinda creepy but I don't really want to beat up someone for no reason..."

Top however seemed to teleport, appearing right before her "Come on hit me, hit me hard as you can!"

White Owl reluctantly reared back and threw a punch, only for it to be blocked, as Top simply held up a playing card, the card absorbed her punch, holding fast like a beam of steel.

"Come on Athena! Get serious. No wonder you were dominated so easily if that is the best you have. Show me your true power!"

A bit surprised, White Owl punched with her other arm. Again the card blocked her attack. She reared back and punched again and again and again, each hit growing stronger and stronger. As if she could not stop herself, she began digging deeper within, to strength even she did not realize she had...the force of the punches became greater and greater, as the white void around them began to crack. Finally, putting all she had into one last punch...

"Now remember well what you have shown here, fair maiden...I did nothing to free you. You did."


Hekate draped her snake over White Owl's kneeling form, it slithered over the entranced heroine's shoulders. "Ah, I think he likes you. Now, lets move on to item number two. You have easy access to your friends headquarters...and I have always wondered what it would be like to lead my own super team..."

Suddenly an impact out of nowhere threw Hekate back. Her form dissipating into smoke, as a third Hekate appeared, grabbing the lantern before it hit the ground. "What the hek!?"

The mirror behind Hekate shattered from a second impact, as the four windows of the chamber began to crack...With one last pulse, White Owl gasped as she sprang back to her feet, holding her head as a rush of pain brought her back to reality.

"W-what? but that...How could this happen? you are just an empowered human, you can't match the power of a goddess!"

White Owl shook her head back to her senses, the last of the hypnotic spell falling away, as she noticed the snake hitching a ride on her shoulders. "That...that was probably the strangest experience of my life. Ok, now lets try that again, what was that you were saying about me needing a hospital?"

Hekate gritted her teeth, raising her lantern into the air, she swung it down, the chain extending like a mace as it slammed into the ground, creating an impact crater and explosion of fire. "Fine, I can't break your will that easily, so I'll just break everything else. After all you are still only a human, you can't hope to beat a goddess!"

White Owl carefully placed the snake back on the altar, before shooting through the air, directly at Hekate. The dark goddess swung her lantern flail, so fast that even White Owl's impressive skills only just dodged it. Getting in close, white Owl made a spin kick at Hekate's head, only for her body to wisp away once more, another form grabbing the flail and swinging it in reverse. This time White Owl had no time to dodge, the chain wrapping around her as the weight of the flail pulled her to the ground.

"To answer your question, darling, I said that I wont be the one in need of care. Come to think of it neither will you, you will just need an urn for your ashes when I finish with you."

With her one free arm, White Owl made a jab into Hekate's stomach, but again her form wisped away, as White Owl felt the chain tighten, the next Hekate having grabbed the other end and pulled it tightly, trying to crush the messenger of Athena!

Thinking quickly, White Owl propelled herself with her flight, despite the prohibitively heavy chain, she had just enough slack in one direction...towards Hekate's body! She knew she couldn't hit the goddess, so she formed a new plan. She shot past Hekate, feigning another physical attack, but pulled back at the last second.

Hekate was about to say something smug...when the metal rod at the other end of the chain flew right into her, smacking the goddess in the face! Having been dragged by White Owl's flight path, she put forth just enough strength to make a slingshot maneuver with Hekate's own weapon, something that could touch her!

Clearly not used to taking a hit, Hekate groaned as she lay on the ground. The smoke coming from beneath her cloak forming brief images of two other bodies as she seemed to be trying to stabilize herself...White Owl took her chance.

As Hekate started to regain her bearings, she could vaguely hear the chains being sloughed off, as White Owl, with great effort, managed to lift the very end of the chain, dangling the mystically heavy lantern...right over the prone Hekate's face, letting it sway lightly, just as she remembered Hekate had.

"Alright, your own weapon can harm you, lets see whos will is stronger now..." Digging deep into her history and the lessons she had learned from her friends, White Owl almost robotically recited a simple induction script she had learned from Miss Merize...Modified slightly for the situation at hand of course.

"Look at the flame. The flame is your life. you are the flame and the flame is you. Look at it dance, look at it flicker and sway. It is so beautiful, you just want to watch it, watch it without blinking, don't close your eyes because you don't want to miss a second of its beautie..." Hekate tried to look away, but her head still ringing from the heavy hit, her senses frazzled, she found herself actually listening to White Owl, looking on as the flickering lantern swayed before her eyes.

"Back and forth, back and forth, so shiny and beautiful, look at it dance. It feels good doesn't it? Feels so good to relax and watch the flames beautiful dance, relax and let go of your thoughts, just focus on the dancing flame as it sways back and forth...back and forth..."

White Owl herself would be tired enough to succumb to the simple but effective hypnotic induction, but she powered through by sheer force of will, her body's super healing keeping her going even as her arms burned from the strain of the inhumanly heavy chain.

"Good girl, feels so good to relax, to watch, to let go. Feels so good to be a good girl, feels so good to listen, listen to everything I say. good girls listen, good girls obey. You want to obey, it feels so good to obey your mistress..."

"I...I am a goddess...i am a...i am...a good girl...yessssss mistress...I am a good girl...I obey."

White Owl had to consciously restrain herself from going into her own trance, remembering well how her friends skill had helped her through stressful situations, the hypnotic bliss of surrender almost overpowering her heroic willpower...almost.

"Now my pet goddess...Listen to me...listen and obey..."


Back at the Justice Harem headquarters...yes I am still calling their team that...

As Ubergirl floated in a decontamination chanber, the nanobots being slowly purged from her body, piece by piece...

Wisp reclined with blank eyes on a couch, as Miss Merize sat next to her, speaking in a calm, sweet and soothing voice. "Now repeat after me. Dolls are not going to hurt me. I am not afraid of dolls."

Wisp, with strained difficulty, replied "Dolls are...Dolls are...Ohh, dolls are scary!"

Quickly, Miss. Merize began massaging Wisps temples. "Calm down, calm down. This is a safe place, you are safe here, surrounded by friends, people who love you. Now lets try something else. Repeat "Ubergirl is not going to hurt me. Ubergirl is my friend, I am not afraid of her."

Again, Wisp strained with fear in her voice. "Oh...Svetta, please don't hurt me...I thought...I thought we were friends!" tears forming in the hypnotized fairy's eyes.

Fearful of her digging deeper into her trauma, Miss Merize leaned close to Wisps ear and whispered her sessions trigger word, sending the fairy into a deep sleep. "I guess just let her sleep off some of the initial trauma. Then have Svetta talk to her once you remove the nano programming. I can't do anything for her right now when she is too afraid to even think of the subject."

Curia (wonderwoman) and Amazon arrow looked with concern at their teammate, when they had found her, the dollified Svetta had been in the process of binding and gagging her, apparently planning to make Wisp into a doll like herself. Luckily Wisp had bothered to install an emergency beacon app on her phone, but the damage was already done, Wisp was so traumatized by the event that they had to call in their hypnotic ally, Miss. Merize to try and help her recover.

While the group had been cleaning up after the Uberdoll fiasco, they had been so focused on the crisis at hand, nobody had asked where White Owl had gone, until she was already 3 hours late for finishing her usual patrol. Everyone was getting more worried by the moment...

The main doors suddenly opened, as White Owl quickly zipped inside, a demure and docile Hekate following after her, the flame in her lantern having changed to pure and brilliant white.

"You guys are not going to believe the day I had..."
White Owl vs Hekate
Second present, spawned from the idea of :iconthestonemiester1: and her story contest. This one going out to another friend and fellow superhero writer :iconwhite0wlsuperheroine: and her character...The super heroine White Owl taking on another of my takes on Greek mythos, Hekate. With a few special guest appearances including a character by my pall :iconthe4thsnake: And a bit of set up for my next few presents in this series, going out to :iconcuria-dd: :iconfairyprincessjess: and :iconamazonarrow:

Now just to decide who is next and which of my terrifying villains they will take on. Could the Justice Harems next encounter be their last? find out next issue...

Stay Gold
It was a dark and heavily overcast night...cos seriously it has been stormy way too much recently, the inert clouds are just fine.

Ubergirl was on the case of stolen nano-tech. You would think that she would have learned by now any villains smart enough to steal nano-tech are bad news, but she is just too good hearted to let bad experiences get in the way of her super heroics. 

So after a brief establishing shot, Ubergirl found herself rocketing deep into the mountains far outside her home city. From the air, she spied a long disused bunker like facility, its presence making the nano tracker she had borrowed go crazy. Fast as lightning, she rocketed down, landing iron man style with enough force to kick up an explosion of dirt around her...then she stood up, holding her knee she had landed on as the pain struck.

After quickly recovering and cleaning the mass of dirt off her soft blue costume, Ubergirl quickly shot into the facilities freight elevator, punching the button. The old machine lurched before slowly beginning to move down into the facility. Every moment of movement made the nano tracker buzz more and more, she was definitely on the right track.

Uber girl starred at the nano tracker as it became more and more active...for a moment, she pressed the buzzing device to her arm, giving a sigh of relaxation at the impromptu massage device...

Suddenly the elevator halted with a screech. Ubergirl had no time to react, as the cable snapped, plunging the machine to the bottom of the shaft! Ubergirl, unharmed but frazzled, crawled out of the wreckage, groaning at the annoyance.

The facility before the sexy savior was a mechanical nightmare. Auxiliary lighting still somehow functional betrayed the twisted and destroyed metal of numerous machines that once served a function, but now were merely macab decorations. Sparks and occasional smoke adorned the large room, as a huge, cracked and offset video screen sat on the wall at the back.

Ubergirl just stared for a moment at the horrible display, a bit frightened by the look of just what the hell happened here. It only slightly registered to her that this looked far too recent for an abandoned facility.

All at once, the screen in the back of the room sparked to life, only for a moment, a distorted face playing across it as a mournful voice echoed all around "You will...never leave..."

She held her arms, shivering at the chilling display. something about the place felt wrong, a certain electricity in the air making the normally near invincible heroine feel vulnerable, like a monster was about to jump out at her.

Cautiously the pudgy paragon stepped forward...immediately triggering some sort of motion sensor. The room lit up all of a sudden, power moving from the dis repaired segments back into the walls, as the sparks and smoke abruptly stopped, and the lights came back on in soothing, gentle orange hews. Something about the shift was very comforting, perhaps just the fact it was so juxtaposed to the previous look.

light beams from the walls conglomerated in the center of the room, forming a thin hologram of a face. A white, theater mask like visage with a gentle orange glow to it, its features smooth and rounded, looking rather feminine and joyful.

"Oh, a visitor, greetings deary. I am Mother. This facility is currently off line. It is my duty to safeguard any living being from potentially injuring themselves inside."

Ubergirl was stunned for a moment at the gigantic shift in tone the entire room had undergone. "Um...hello, miss...Mother? I'm sorry to intrude but..." she looked down at the buzzing tracker "Some very important machinery was stolen, the scientists said if I dont get it back their investors will have their balls on a plaque over a fireplace...their words, not mine."

Mothers image frazzled, changing shape for just a brief second, Ubergirl could swear its color changed as well. "Oh, deary my. Well It is against my better judgement, but I guess I can let you inside for just a little while." No sooner did she speak than a door under the screen behind her opened. "Be careful in their dear."

as Ubergirl thanked her and exited, Mothers image frazzled just as the door closed behind her, the face turning red before vanishing...


The next room was as far removed from the previous as humanly possible. Bright colors and well lit walls stretched forward down a long corridor, the walls all in segmented cubes, frankly it looked a bit like a video game. The cute crusader looked on puzzled at the complete tonal shift, the building was starting to look like it had schizophrenia.

In front of her, the cubes in the walls started to shift, moving all about and forming the hallway into an obstacle coarse. Suddenly a group of them floated together into the center, forming a face, this one with a big friendly smile.

"Hi miss lady. I'm Moppet. Do you want to play?"

Ubergirl looked dumbfounded. "Um...sorry, I dont really have time to play right now. I'm on a very important mission and I need to find someone who stole some very valuable nanotechnology."

Moppet looked puzzled for a second, thinking to itself, before responding. "I know who took it! I'll let you see him if you play with me!" As it spoke, a door at the long end of the hallway opened, a series of crushers and various other tricks and traps presenting themselves before it.

Ubergirl gave a half smile, taking a moment to stretch. "No problem for a flyer. I just have to time it right and..." As she prepared to dash through the air, her boot caught a loose tile, causing her to tumble through the air as she tried to regain her flight path, smacking headlong into the traps...


The door opened as Ubergirl, her costume wrecked, her hair messed up, soot all over her face, and a small fire on her cape, stepped through, looking very annoyed.

From behind her, she could hear Moppets joyful voice. "Thanks miss, that was fun, we can play again sometime! Be careful, he doesn't like to talk!"

Ubergirl brushed the soot off her face. "Great, how could this get any worse..."

Before she could realize what she had just set herself up for, the next room lit up in deep, dark flashing reds, strobe lights playing across the room as a loud, grating siren like an emergency alarm pierced through the silence, suddenly the room was alive with chaotic anger, as robotic arms emerged from the walls and floors, and long deactivated sentry robots suddenly sparked to life, through the flashing light, their zombie like gait as they approached the super heroine.

In the center of the room, a cube of computer screens suspended from the ceiling sparked to life as a third face appeared, unlike the previous two this one was sharp, angular, deep red and adorned with a gleefully vicious smile. causing Ubergirl to gulp.

It took a moment to laugh at her predicament, before growling out in a heavily synthesized voice. "You were warned you would never leave. I am...Murderer!"

Ubergirls eyes were wide at the frightening display. "Um can I go back to playing with the child like one?"

All at once the robots, the arms, sentry guns, all charged and fired. Ubergirl got serious in an instant, her superior (uber) strength ripping through the robots immediately in front of her. She super speed charged through the center of the room, ripping off 2 robotic arms and using them as blunt weapons to sweep aside numerous robots, before throwing one to down a wall sentry. The superheroines speed and strength proving too much for the least till one robotic arm managed to grab her ankle and began electrifying her.

Her focus broken, Ubergirls psychic super strength wavered just slightly, allowing the wall lasers to pummel her, as she tried to defend, she was pushed back, 2 more arms grabbing her arms and a clamp forming out of the floor to grab her last leg.

Between the lasers and the electric shocks, her strength was slowly depleted. Had she not been otherwise occupied, she may have noticed these defenses were tailored to her powers, the other rooms must have been scanning her in preparation...Finally one of the zombie robots reared back a fist...and Ubergirl saw stars.


She awoke in the same room, suspended high in the air. The walls and floor began to fall away as the metallic panels that made them  either sunk into the darkness, or floated into the air before her. Frightened, Ubergirl tried to struggle herself free, only to find that the restraints nearly sapped her of all her power, she was for all intents and purposes, mortal.

The tiles that floated to the center of the room, formed before her a face, it was chalk white, no glow, more haggard and weary than the other 3. At first, its eyes were lifeless, until for a brief second, the image and color of all 3 previous faces flashed over its visage, and the angular face sparked to life. Its voice sounding just as weary as its look.

"Such a sad waste, why do you struggle, you only prolong suffering."

Ubergirl barely listened, trying to free herself, not even bothering to banter with the machine before her, but it kept speaking.

"I was made for the same purpose as you. To protect humanity, but the humans are so detriment at self destruction, it is so very tragic a fate...Sacrifices had to be made. But sacrifice is what I am built for. I will always be...the Martyr."

By now Ubergirl was annoyed at his diatribe, she screamed at him "Why are you doing this? What do you need the nanotech for!?"

Martyr sighed, as a row of stasis capsules were lifted by a nearly unseen robotic arm out of the cold darkness, the room by now being a void of gray metal and complete blackness. The capsule opened to reveal a number of women, their skin flawless and shiny like plastic.

"My dolls. The only way to save humanity from themselves, is to make them like dolls. Perfect, obedient, something that will not harm themselves. These test subjects were intended to help procure further materials, however I have made a grave error. The nanotechnology used to augment and control them is not perfected...

Ubergirls eyes went wide as she looked at the dollified women, fear flooded her mind. "No..."

Martyr continued as one more robotic arm extended from the ceiling, slowly towards the weakened Ubergirl. "I needed a stronger specimen...I needed a superhuman. I apologize, this will be unpleasant, but afterwards you will be forever perfect..."

The arm extended a plastic mold that slowly formed into the shape of a woman's body, tendrils of nanotechnology extending out of it, reaching towards Ubergirls body. She begged and screamed "NO! Please no!" as they stretched ever closer...


... ...

Kneeling forward on Ubergirls bed, the fairy heroine Wisp looked on, wide eyed and enthralled by the story. "Oh wow! Svetta that is scary. A crazy A.I. turning people into dolls and planing to take over the world?"

Svetta, alter ego of Ubergirl, sitting just opposite of her giggled. "Well thats the life of a superheroine. We have all kinds of crazy adventures. Hay thanks for stopping by while Grace is out of town, its kinda fun having a girls night out."

Wisp smiled warmly at her friend. "Oh dont leave me wondering, what happened next? How did the mighty Ubergirl escape the clutches of the mad doll making Martyr?"

Svetta reached for a soda on her night stand. "Now THAT, is a funny story..." she opened the soda, only for the cap to pop off, hitting her just below the eye. "OW!" she clapped one hand over where the cap hit.

Wisp crawled over to see if her friend was ok, but as Svetta removed her hand, instead of a bruise, there was...a crack across her cheek. Looking exactly like a chip in a porcelain doll...

"Oops, clumsy me. hehehe." Svetta tittered as her friend fell back to the opposite side of the bed, a look of shock turning to terror on her face, as Svettas laugh grew louder and louder..."

The end?
Ubergirl vs Martyr
Oh Boy, a present for a pall. So, :iconTheStonemiester1: Creator of the Cuddly Crusader, Ubergirl is holding a contest. I decided to throw one of my numerous hats in the ring, and figured while I am at it i should make presents for the circle of friends I have aggregated thanks to :iconzorro-venom: So While you all take a moment to digest this little introduction of one of my more strange and bizarre villains, I have maccinations of my universe going HIP (Heroines in Peril) on the beauties of  :iconcuria-dd: :iconamazonarrow: :iconwhite0wlsuperheroine: and :iconfairyprincessjess: Good to have friends isnt it.

So...who's next...

Stay Gold
I have a lot of friends, so just to be sure i didn't miss anyone, Happy Valentines day to all!

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